6-Pack Wannabe, 10 Best 6-Pack Tips

Whether you are a man or a woman, having a well-defined and muscular six pack that makes its presence known — without you having to contort yourself into an awkward position or requiring that you suck in your gut — is the epitome of someone in superb physical shape. Of course, you only obtain a great six pack after lots of hard work — you aren’t born with one — at least, if you’re like most people. If you are one of those who needs to work at it, here are the 10 best six-pack tips.

1. Ramp up the intensity 

When you want well-defined six-pack abs, slow and steady exercise might not be the best way to get them. Instead of concentrating on endurance exercises for extended amounts of time, such as 20 weeks, aim for a more intense workout over a shorter time frame. Use 15 weeks of interval training or insert intervals into your routine three times a week. Doing so could net you a loss of subcutaneous fat up to nine times greater than endurance training alone, according to a study performed by Canada’s Laval University.

The words High-Intensity Interval training highlighted in the middle amongst similar wordsInterval training can burn fat up to 9 times faster

2. Add vitamin C to you diet 

Boosting your vitamin C intake from 100 mg to 500 mg on a daily basis may help you burn 39 percent more of additional fat. This finding comes from an Arizona State University study. Professor Carol Johnston, the study’s author, speculated that vitamin C levels that are low can reduce the efficiency of your body to use fat as energy. Get vitamin C here

A stamp that says Vitamin C on it in orangeSupplementation may help you burn extra fat

3. Brush your teeth to increase your abs

Try to squeeze in short yet intense workouts whenever you can. For example, work your core inner small muscles while you are brushing your teeth by standing on one leg. In an effort to stay upright, you will be using those deep core muscles that are so important to support your body — and your six pack.

4. Protect your sleep

As if you need another reason to get your ZZZZs, doing so can help your body ward off resistance to insulin and reduce the amount of fat that it stores. Induce good-quality sleep by noshing on a bowl of good quality cereal as a bedtime snack. Tryptophan helps induce sleep and puts your body into an efficient insulin processing mode.

A cat on its back getting some zzzzZzzsMake sure you're getting a full-nights sleep

5. Wait to work your core

Schedule any core exercises for the end of your workout when your muscles are already fatigued. Your abs will benefit more when you do deadlifts and squats as one of the last moves of your workout rather than when you are fresh.

A black man standing up with his arms hanging down with a heavy barbell in his hands, in the up position from a deadliftDo squats and deadlifts at the end of your workout, your abs will benefit more

6. Work those abs

As part of your core muscles, your abs are stronger than you might think. Use their strength to your advantage by adding dumbbells when you are doing your crunch routine or add resistance in the form of leg weights on your ankles when you are doing leg raises. Only by increasing your load can you get your muscles to reach definition.

A man lying back doing ab crunches with dumbbell positioned over head to add resistance to the movement.Use resistance while working your abs

7. Engage your core

Make sure your abs are engaged before you undertake an exercise that involves lifting. Do this by inhaling and holding your breath to engage the transverse abdominus (TVA) muscle as you lift. This is the muscle that is responsible for forming the basis of your washboard stomach. As you bring the weight down, exhale with a strong and steady force.

8. Tense up

Utah State University researchers found that by tensing up while you are doing squats, you can increase the activity within your deep-core muscles by a whopping 167 percent. That’s a pretty good return of investment toward your six pack for minimal effort.

9. Don't be afraid to nosh on burgers

Your favorite burger doesn’t have to be a food that you deprive yourself of. In fact, eating five average burgers a week can provide significant benefits, according to research completed by Cornell University. Eating about 550 grams of lean red meat not only delivers significant amounts of zinc, magnesium and protein, but it helped the study participants up their fat-burning capabilities by more than 20 percent when compared to those who ate only 300 grams.

3 hamburgers that are lean sitting on a griddle for cooking.Eating 550 grams of lean red meat per week helps fat-burning capabilities

10. Hit the cable machine

Mix up your routine by hitting the cable machine to work — and hit — those hidden core muscles. Try the cable push-pull by standing with your left foot forward and your left hand extended in front of you. Hold your right hand near your chest and push from the rear while pulling from the front. Your efforts should feel as if you are pushing through in a smooth and precise motion.

Following these steps will help you see more defined abs and the emergence of your six pack. With diligence and lots of concerted effort, you’ll see the results you want — faster.

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