3 Hour Diet Plan

The 3 hour diet plan has some appealing selling-points. Absolutely no deprivation meaning you can actually eat carbs, no calorie counting (quite a few diets require you to count calories), no pills, no surgeries and no required exercise.

Apparently, without food restrictions there is no need to cheat on your diet. Instead the diet is focused on something unique, the timing in which you eat. That’s right, when you eat with the 3 hour diet plan is more important than what you eat with the 3 hour diet plan. 

The weight loss is expected to be 2 pounds a week, which isn’t a lot, compared to other diets but if you stick with it, that weight falls off. In addition, health experts have touted for years the importance of losing no more than 2 pounds a week if you want to keep the weight off long-term. This diet may then may prevent yo-yo dieting, a problem for many dieters including myself.

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  Why the 3 Hour Diet Plan? 

The importance of meal timing has to due with total lean body mass. An important and hard to find statistic is this: every pound of lean body mass you have on your body burns a total of 50 calories per day. When you fad diet, yo-yo diet and eat untimely, specifically when you don’t eat every 3 hours, you loss valuable lean body mass. This lowers your resting metabolism resulting in a life of chronic weight gain.

Americans on average gain 2 pounds of fat overall every year. 800 Americans die every single day due to problems related to obesity. The death of an American occurs at a rate of 3 people per 5 minutes due to obesity. Numerous people become amputees daily due to their terrible and over consumptive eating habits.

When you eat every 3 hours with the 3 hour diet plan throughout the day you prevent what is called the “starvation protection mechanism.” This mechanism activates after waiting longer than 3 hours to eat. What does it do? When activated, it tells your body to store fat and to hold onto fat at all costs and as a result your metabolism lowers. This is very counter-productive for those trying to lose weight.

Eating every 3 hours with the 3 hour diet plan seems to be very effective considering active 3-hour dieter, Debbie Wilhem. Debbie lost a total of 107 pounds through the diet. She new describes herself, not as sad as before but now described as one with eyes that sparkle, a smile that shines and with a look fifteen years younger than before. She doesn’t have to wear baggy clothes that cover her figure; Debbie is now comfortable in a miniskirt or popular low-rise jeans.

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Low-carb diets 

Low-carb diets may not be the best choice. In fact, a low-carb diet may make you fat. They work in the short term but not in the long term according to Jorge Cruise of The 3 Hour Diet. Dateline NBC did an experiment to test the robustness of diets. The show’s experiment consisted of six subjects that each picked a diet to follow. The 3 Hour Diet competed against the Atkins, Hypnosis, Slim Fast, Marathoning and the Weight Watches diet.  By the end of the study (a total of 9 months), Eleanor on the 3 hour diet plan lost a total of 60 pounds; however, another gentleman in the study lost a total of 108 pounds on the Atkins diet.

After three months following the end of the study Eleanor was the only one that kept her weight off. That’s right, the low-carb Atkins man that lost 108 pounds and everyone else in the study gained the weight back. Eleanor with the 3 hour diet plan succeeded by eating balanced meals every 3 hours. Foods from all food categories were consumed. Each day a total of 3 meals along with two snacks and a delicious treat were eaten. Eleanor was able to keep her lean muscle tissue by eating meals with carbs every 3 hours as taught in the 3 hour diet plan. 

Another unfortunate occurrence occurs with the low-carb diet. A study done by the Southern Illinois University and published in the journal of Perception and Motor skills found that out of the seventeen participants, after going on a low-carb diet they rated their fatigue levels as higher than before the low-carb diet.

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By learning the Power of visual timing we can learn to eat properly with the 3 hour diet plan. The goal of visual timing is to make eating every 3 hours entirely effortless and automatic. By doing this, we prevent our body from turning into a muscle burning machine. There are two important components to visual timing.

Secret 1: The 3-hour timeline. The 3-hour timeline is about visual remembrances. When you see something visually it is easier to take in and act appropriately. By having a visual image of the timeline (as seen on page 64 in the 3-Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise) in addition to the process of writing down what you will eat and when you will eat it, it will help boost your commitment to eating every 3 hours. This is especially helpful for those people that are new to the 3 hour diet plan, it helps make it more automatic for you.

You pick what times you will eat and you’ll fill out the corresponding section on the timeline based on the following: Eat breakfast within one hour of waking up, eat every 3 hours and stop eating 3 hours before bedtime.

Secret 2: The 3-hour plate. By eating with the 3-hour plate in mind you will eat properly. With balanced portions of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you will: 1) release yourself from the guilt of deprivation dieting, 2) reduce cravings and binges, 3) feel in control of your eating and 4) be able to eat any food, anywhere, and stick to your diet. On the 3-hour diet recipes page there are even meals from Jack in the Box, McDonalds, Taco Bell and KFC fast-food restaurants.

Carbohydrates are important to your plate because they maintain muscle growth, keeping your metabolism running strong. Carbs also boost your energy levels, so you’ll move around more often and burn more calories as a result. In addition carbs improve digestion, so you’ll stay healthy. Whole carbohydrates are preferred over refined carbohydrates. A good way to tell if a carb is whole or refined is to see how many grams of fiber it has. If it contains more than or equal to three grams of fiber per serving, then it is likely whole. Try to stay away from refined carbs.

Protein is very important. It is derived from a Greek word, which means “of first quality.” Without enough protein in the diet, your body will break down muscle tissue for protein. As a result you’ll slow your metabolism, burning much less fat.

Protein fuels weight loss. Choose protein foods that are low in saturated fat. Optimal protein choices come from egg whites, fish, white-meat poultry, low-fat yogurt, 1 fat percent milk and legumes (such as peanuts and beans). If you need red meat, make sure to pick a leaner sirloin or round cut if available.

Some fats are essential to the body known as essential fatty acids. Body fat serves as a storage location for excess calories, it also provides insulation. What really is important for weight loss are the omega fats. Omega fats help maintain healthy, lean muscle while suppressing your appetite and making you feel full on less food. Secondly, omega fats unlock stored body fat making it available for your body to burn as energy. 

Amazingly, a diet rich in omega fats actually turns up what are known as glucagons. Glucagons signal the body to burn fat. In addition, the omega fats boost your body’s metabolism, so you’ll burn more calories all day long. Good sources of omega fats are flaxseed products, olive oil, soybeans and other seeds, nuts (especially almonds), almond butter, olives, fatty cold-water fish such as salmon, and avocados and guacamole.

Veggies are important. You can literally eat all of them you want without getting fat. Veggies contain water that will increase your oxygen levels. The oxygen will help your muscle convert fat into energy.

Fruits are good and contain a bit more sugar than veggies. You should eat fruit daily but only one to two pieces per day. Eat fruits preferably with breakfast or as a snack.

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With the 3 hour diet plan you are expected to lose 2 pounds per week with no deprivation from foods. You also don’t have to calorie count. Health experts agree that a loss of 2 pounds per week prevents yo-yo dieting. By eating every 3 hours you prevent the body from going into starvation mode. Once in starvation mode your body clings to fat and lowers its metabolism, you don’t want this.

The 3-hour diet plan was tested against other diets and prevailed. Those that tried the other diets all gained back the weight but the person on the 3-hour diet plan continued to lose fat while others regained what they initially lost. 

The Atkins diet has some setbacks: weak bones, bad breath, lessened fertility, gout and hair loss. In addition, people have been shown to put weight back on for the long term with the Atkins diet. In addition, the Atkins diet can lead to digestive woes, kidney problems, heart disease and a shorter lifespan.

Following the 3-hour diet plan is as simple as following two secrets. With the 3-Hour Timeline you have a visual reminder of when to eat and what to eat. This serves to make the eating times automatic by day 28 of the diet. With the 3-hour Plate you are reminded that you should eat from each category of foods every meal. Unlike the Atkins diet you can eat fruit and vegetables. Protein, carbs and fats are also important especially the omega fatty acids that can be found in flax seed or oil.

I think this 3-Hour diet plan is really interesting. I’ve followed low-carb diets before and done so-so. I’m curious to see how eating every 3 hours is to your weight. I know a lot of bodybuilders eat 6 meals successfully everyday and that keeps their metabolism running strong. It also keeps them filled with protein throughout the day. I doubt you can eat ice cream and cake every 3 hours expecting to lose weight. You still have to be sensible with this diet by trying to avoid the fattening foods. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

Get the 3-Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise for a great price from Amazon. There is much more to learn from this book than I wrote about. Book also includes the visual timeline on page 64. 

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