4 Incredible Ways to Eliminate Belly Cellulite

About nine out of ten women will develop cellulite in their lifetime. Men can develop cellulite as well, but it is not as common nor as noticeable when it does happen. Women are more susceptible to the development of cellulite due to a lack of crisscross collagen fibers that most men have. Without the extra support, fat starts to bulge through the fibers, causing the lumpy appearance of cellulite. The way your body makes and stores fat also plays a role in the development of this distressing condition. For women, the soft abdominal section is often the worst offender when it comes to uneven fat stores. The problem often shows up the worst for women who yo-yo diet from one weight extreme to the next. Luckily, there are methods that help reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite in your belly area.  

Caffeine Creams

Caffeine actively reduces the size of cellulite by dehydrating the cells in the application area. As the cells decrease in size, the bulging cellulite starts to sink further beneath your skin. The caffeine creams often have additional ingredients, like retinol, that help firm up your skin to keep cellulite from making a future appearance. The topical ointments need to be applied twice a day for several weeks before you will start to see a result. Upon stopping the creams, the effects are often reversed and the belly cellulite returns. Get caffeine creams here

Vacuum Rolling

Since cellulite is essentially pockets of fat poking out between the collagen layer beneath the skin, researchers developed a vacuum roller treatment designed to even out fat. The equipment suctions the problematic fat stores toward the surface of the skin to bring it in range of the two manual rollers. The rolling equipment massages the fat into an even layer to remove the noticeable lumpy sections. The sessions take up to 45 minutes apiece and many people note an immediate positive change in the appearance of their belly cellulite.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatment for cellulite is designed to melt fat stores in an effort to redistribute the cells or eliminate them altogether. The treatments also promote the development of additional collagen layers to create a barrier that prevents the development of cellulite. Physicians have the ability to use radiofrequencies to net a similar effect, but that treatment is quickly being replaced with lasers. Although just one treatment usually nets the results you seek, the effect only lasts as long as your skin allows. If your skin lacks elasticity, the cellulite could quickly come back, often within weeks. Physicians often suggest utilizing firming ointments with retinols in conjunction with this treatment to achieve lasting results.

Strength Training

High intensity, interval based strength training is a natural way to eliminate subcutaneous fat stores that make cellulite more noticeable. With strength training, you increase the surface area of your muscle while eliminating the fat. Any healthy fat that remains stays hidden due to the way it stretches across the toned muscle fibers. You will need to lift heavy weights until failure to see the best results. You can work with a trainer to safely perfect your form while working toward the target weight numbers of your build and ability. If you maintain a high protein, low-carb diet while strength training, you may see an even faster decrease of unsightly cellulite in your abdominal area.

Starting Your Cellulite Treatment

Upon deciding to start one of the above cellulite treatment options, it is important that you talk to a doctor about the best option for your situation. Physicians will take a close look at the cellulite across your belly to determine its grade, or severity. The identified grade helps doctors estimate how well each treatment will work for each particular area on your body. Your doctor may suggest working from the least to the most invasive treatment until you find the one that works best for you. If you are unhappy about the experience or results of a particular treatment, do not be afraid to discuss that fact with your doctor. There are always other options to try in your journey toward a cellulite-free belly.

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