The 7 Worst Things You Can Say To Someone Losing Weight

When a person is in the process of losing a significant amount of weight it seems like everyone is interested in their progress. People do tend to notice right away if someone has lost weight. It’s just an aspect of human nature that people are attuned to.

Most often, people are truly happy to see them succeed at such a difficult endeavor. That includes family, friends, and co-workers. Sadly when it comes to weight loss, people may be insensitive. It may be difficult for the dieter to field questions or comments from others about their weight loss. Here are the absolute 7 worst things you can say to someone who is losing weight.

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1. "How Many Pounds Are You Down?"

Try not to focus on numbers. The person losing the weight might not be. They might just be looking to have their clothes fit better or slim down a bit for swimsuit season. Keep in mind, they probably do have some idea of how much they have lost but they might not be comfortable sharing it with everyone.

Plus, it’s just nosy to ask someone exactly how much they weigh or how many pounds they have dropped. They probably don’t like getting on the scale everyday to check, so instead of concentrating on the number, just tell them how great they look! Be positive and complimentary. You can say something to the effect of, “you look amazing!” It’s a much better way to pursue the conversation then asking the specific poundage question.

You Look Great! written on a blackboard in white chalkAvoid the poundage question

2. "Let's Go Get a Pizza" 

It is not helpful to ask people to stray from their healthy eating lifestyle. Dieting is hard work. Encouraging them to cheat on their eating plan is unkind, nor is it nice to bring them sweets or desserts that they probably don’t want anyway. Instead suggest a nice walk, an adventurous hike or even a bike ride.

Doing something active with your friend or loved one is going to keep them on the path to success. You don’t want to be the one who derails their important progress. If you aren’t the fitness type and still want to have a meal with them, suggest a restaurant that you know has healthy options, not your local greasy burger place with the best French fries for miles around. They don’t need the temptation. 

A pizza box cover that says hot fresh pizza express deliverySuggesting pizza isn't too considerate

3. "You Don't Look Like You Lost Weight!" 

If they have shared with you that they have lost weight, or if you know they are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, then it’s just plain rude to suggest they haven’t lost weight. It just sounds envious to tell someone they don’t look like they lost weight. Accept that people lose weight in different ways.

They may be working out more, and shedding fat while developing strong muscle tone. It’s sometimes hard to tell by looking at a person with clothes on the state of their body. Don’t ever say they don’t look like they are shedding pounds if they have said they are.

4. "Did You Get That Stomach Stapling Surgery?" 

Any medical procedures they might have had are really none your business. You may ask questions if they volunteer the information first about bariatric surgery, but otherwise refrain from asking even if you suspect it. It’s a private matter that they might not be comfortable talking about. Everyone’s road to weight loss is paved with different methods. If surgery was part of their journey, allow them to bring it up. 

A picture of the human stomach (anatomy) being section into two pieces via stapling and cutting it smaller.The stomach stapling surgery

5. "You Look Sooo Much Better Now!" 

This implies that they looked terrible before they lost weight and can be quite hurtful.

6. "My Uncle, Sister, Cousin, Best Friend Did Such and Such Diet..."

Telling your friends about every random person in your life that lost weight isn’t really helpful. If you lost weight yourself, then it might be valuable to share your own experience with them. They aren’t going to want to hear about all the people you know who lost weight, because not knowing them makes it difficult to relate to that person.

Keep the conversation focused on the two of you if you are friends. An exception here is relatives, so then it’s okay to speak about family members those specific to your shared health journey.

7. "I But, I Liked You Better Before!"

This comment is especially cruel. Many spouses go through the difficulty of their partner losing weight. Perhaps it’s consumed their life in a way that makes you pine for their old selves.

Either way, it’s never a good thing to say you liked them better before they lost all the weight. You should be happy for their achievement. They worked hard to get reach their weight loss goals. Accepting who they are now that they have lost the weight is part of being a positive influence in their life.

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