8 Powerful Must-Do Hacks to Build Huge Arms

Although you indirectly build strength in your arms with most upper body exercises, targeted movements provide the biggest gains. You will gain size in your upper and lower arms at the fastest rate by performing exercises that require immense effort from isolated muscle groups. The specifically planned, evenly performed motions build muscle along the anterior and posterior sides of your arms to make your muscles larger and better defined. As an added benefit, you will indirectly improve your grip strength and shoulder posture as your arms increase in size. Here are eight powerful must-do hacks to build huge arms fast.

Weighted Dips

When performing weighted dips, you activate and utilize your triceps while lowering and raising yourself on the bars. The key in performing this exercise is using highly controlled movements while tightening your muscles at the lowest point of the dip. Pause at the top of the movement and squeeze your arm muscles tightly to encourage the muscle fibers to work to capacity. As the exercise becomes easier to perform, add weight or increase your reps. See the video below to see how weighted dips are properly performed. 

Poundstone Curls

Proven bodybuilder Derek Poundstone developed a curl routine that produces huge biceps in a short period of time. For these curls, you quickly blow through 100 reps using an empty Olympic barbell, which weighs 45 pounds. As you gain strength, you want to further increase the reps, not add weight to the bar. Resist the urge to pause between reps, as the gains depend on utilizing continuous movements to push your strength to the next level.

Overhead Extensions

Overhead extensions almost completely isolate your triceps as you raise and lower the dumbbell behind your head. You should focus on maintaining proper posture throughout the movement to avoid using your back or shoulder muscles for the movements. Make sure to set your feet about shoulder width apart and keep your elbows from bowing out as you move. You can regularly increase both the weight of the dumbbells and number of reps you perform to build strength fast.

Skull Crushers

Skull crushers are an interesting variation on normal flat bench press work. You can use a barbell or set of dumbbells of any size for this exercise. To isolate your arms from your chest muscles, which are normally worked on the bench, you will move the bar above your forehead. You will feel that your triceps instantly engage as you put the bar in the correct position. With each rep, maintain the perpendicular placement of your upper arms and just extend your arms upward to complete the movement. With strength improvements, upgrade to heavier weights for continued progress.

Tate Presses

Tate presses also use a flat bench to help you activate the tricep muscles in your arms. You want to use heavy dumbbells that challenge your arm strength. Start with the dumbbells held directly above you with your whole arm perpendicular with the floor. Tighten up your triceps and lower the dumbbells to your pecs and slowly raise them back up to the starting position. For this exercise, you want to move your elbows outward to avoid straining the joints. Increase the reps each session and raise the weight once the dumbbells feel too easy to lift.

Rope Tricep Pulls

The push-down motion utilized with rope tricep pulls balance the work you perform with the various upward motion-dependent exercises. Set the appropriate weight for your condition and utilize the rope grips on the cable crossover machine. Start each rep at a neutral position with your forearms parallel to the floor, and then use a pushing motion to bring your hands to your thighs. As you improve your grip and arm strength, consider increasing both the weight and reps for this exercise.

Towel Grip Pullup

Traditional pullups are designed to build the strength and size of your back muscles. You can switch the focus to your forearm and hand muscles instead by using hanging towel grips. For each hand, you need to fold a hand towel over the pullup bar and grip the hanging portion tightly as you perform the bodyweight pulls. Make sure to lift your body far enough so that you can see above the bar, though you do not need to perform the full chin up to net the benefits from this exercise. You can add weights to a dip belt or increase reps as your arms increase in size.

Close Grip Cable Rows

Although cable rows traditionally target your back muscles, switching to a close grip activates your biceps and forearm muscles to balance all of your tricep exercises. To better isolate your arm muscles while performing this exercise, purposefully tighten your biceps and forearm muscles with each pull. Focus on maintaining a tall seated posture to avoid putting excess stress on the muscles of your mid-back region. You should steadily raise the reps of this exercise for increased bicep gains.

While building your arm strength, focus on keeping your repetitions fairly even to balance the growth of your muscle groups. If you neglect any areas, you could end up accidentally injuring the muscles or tendons in that location. Remember the importance of rest days in the muscle-building process. On your rest days, keep your protein intake static to help the micro tears in your muscles heal and ready themselves for your next exercise session.

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