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This HCG Diet plan and protocol is essential to effectively losing weight while on the HCG Diet. This diet plan is from a specialized physician ran HCG weight loss center that has helped thousands lose weight with HCG.

Follow the HCG diet plan as closely as you can every single day. I even tried this plan and I completed one month of HCG dieting without having to cheat a single time. I have never done that before, typically I'll have to cheat one or two times in a month to finish a month of HCG dieting. 

Beginning the HCG Diet plan

Instruction begins: 

Your first two days of HCG are your loading days. Make sure to take your injection as required each day. It's important to get HCG into your system before you start the diet plan. The purpose of the Load Days is to ensure that your body's fat reserves are well stocked in preparation for the very low calorie HCG Diet plan. If you do not load sufficiently, you risk being hungry or having fatigue during your first few days of the program. 

During your Load Days, eat as you desire, especially foods that are high in fat. During my last successful HCG month I loaded by eating at Panda two days in a row with 3 entree meals along with 2 egg rolls each day. 

Do's and Don'ts while on HCG (Important) 


1) Take an 99mg potassium supplement if you experience leg cramps. 

2) Do take a daily multi-vitamin with food. 

3) Do participate in moderate exercise such as walking at an easy pace, yoga, light weights, or resistance bands. Limit exercise to 30 minutes a day. 


1) Do NOT take any fat soluble vitamins while you are following the HCG diet program. This includes: fish oil, flaxseed oil and vitamin E. 

2) Do not use any liquid medications such as Nyquil liquid or gel caps, liquid benadryl, etc. 

3) Do not engage in vigorous exercise such as running, biking, hiking and fitness boot camps. This is really important, I found out the consequences the hard way. If you do vigorous exercise you will create great hunger that the regular HCG diet will not be able to satisfy. You will end up cheating on the diet which has drastic consequences. For some reason, if you cheat while on HCG you gain additional weight beyond what you'd normally gain. It is down right terrible what happens. You also risk the chance of not being able to get down to the very low calorie level the day after you cheat, you absolutely, cannot cheat on the HCG Diet. 

Food Guide 

For the Best Weight Loss Results, Eat Only the Foods listed as "Approved" in this guide. 

Your Daily Food Plan: 

* Sugar is never permitted make sure to check food labels for added sugar. 


X oz of approved protein (See how many ounces you need below)
One Serving of approved fruit
Any non-calorie fluids in any amount. 


X oz of approved protein (See how many ounces you need below)
1.5 cups of approved vegetables 


1 serving of approved fruit


X oz of approved protein (See how many ounces you need below)
1.5 cups of approved vegetables 

HCG Diet: Patients that weigh below 150 lbs are advised to have 7 ounces of protein per day split between the three meals. 

HCG Diet: Patients that weigh above 150 lbs are advised to have up to 12 ounces of protein per day split between the three meals.

HCG Diet: Patients that weigh above 200 lbs are advised to have up to 16 oz of protein per day split between the three meals above. 

Approved Lean Protein:

Ground beef (97% fat free)
Chicken - no skin
Egg whites (one egg white equals one oz. of protein)
Fresh white fish, this includes: Halibut, Swordfish, Bass, Flounder, Snapper, Pike, Tilapia, Cod & Trout

Note: all visible fat must be removed before cooking and the portion should be weighed raw. Protein may not be cooked with any additional fat like butter, margarine, oil, cooking spray, etc. 

Proteins that are not allowed: Pork, Turkey, Salmon, Eel, Tuna fish, Herring, any pickled or smoked fish, etc. 

Approved Vegetables

You are permitted to have 1.5 cups of approved vegetables twice daily: lunch and dinner


Green salad (unlimited)
Red radishes
Brussel Sprouts

Vegetables that are not allowed: pumpkin, beetroot, potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, green beans, peppers, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, etc. 

Approved Fruit

You are permitted to have 2 portions of approved fruit per day, at least 6 hours apart. It is recommended that you have one of your fruit servings for breakfast, and one for a snack. 


Strawberries (6 large)
1/2 Grapefruit 

Approved Fluid Options

Each day, a MINIMUM of 2 LITERS (10 glasses) of water should be consumed. Additionally, you are permitted to have the following: 

Tea/coffee (any quantity)
Soda water
Mineral water
24 oz of Crystal Light OR 2 cans of diet soda per day 

Little Extras

NO Margarine, butter, oil, or regular dressings are permitted. Check all labels for added sugar in food items including seasonings and spices. 

Approved Extras

  • One tablespoon of skim milk per day, for your coffee or tea
  • Any zero calorie sweeteners like Stevia or Splenda. However, sugar of any kind is not allowed.
  • Salt & pepper, vinegar, mustard, garlic powder, sweet-basil, parsley, thyme, cayenne pepper, marjoram and other spices are freely available as seasonings. 
  • Juice of 1 lemon, per day
  • Walden Farm products (available at Sprouts Market)

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