Why an NO2 Supplement Should be Part of Your Fitness Routine

Nothing is wrong with an NO2 supplement. Nitric Oxide (NO2) is a gas produced naturally to aid communication between the cells of the body. “To make nitric oxide gas, our enzymes break down arginine, an amino acid,” dietitian and American Dietetic Association spokesperson, Jim White explained. A nitric oxide supplement is actually made of arginine, not NO2 gas. Arginine is also found naturally in many highly nutritious foods such as spinach, crab meat, sesame seeds, shrimp and white turkey. It looks like Popeye was onto something after all!

Popeye, with his winking eye, pipe coming from his mouth and huge forearms from eating so much spinach. Each forearm has a tattoo of an anchor on it because Popeye is a sailor in a sailor's uniformSpinach supports an NO2 response

What an NO2 Supplement Will Do For You

The natural purpose of NO2 is to deliver messages between the various cells of the body. It plays an important role in regulating the circulatory system as well as the activities of the brain, liver, lungs, stomach, and kidneys, among other organs. But when it comes to muscle-building, NO2 also promotes the deployment of adrenaline and other hormones associated with increased activity. It speeds the growth of muscle tissue and lessens the recovery time needed after workouts. NO2 increases blood flow, moving more nutrients into your muscles, helping them to develop. Many athletes use a nitric oxide supplement because it allows then to workout harder, longer, and more frequently.

Some studies support NO2 use for older men. Researchers in L.A, at the University of California, examined 16 male athletes between the ages of 50 and 73. Those who were given a nitric oxide supplement demonstrated a 17 percent increase in anaerobic capacity after just three weeks of use. The men who received the placebo did not develop any such improvements.

6 Reasons an NO2 Supplement Will Humiliate Your Current Fitness Plateau

1. Improved Recovery

When you recover more quickly between sessions, you will be able to perform more strength training workouts which, more often than not, means better results.

2. More Energy During Higher Rep Routines

With an nitric oxide supplement, you’re able to get more oxygen into the muscle tissues. This will reduce the level of lactic acid that builds up, which, in turn, will reduce your fatigue, making any energy deficit a smaller obstacle to your progress.

3. Reduced Body Heat During Workouts

When the body’s temperature rises during a serious workout session, it will work to cool itself down so that you don’t overheat. With enhanced blood flow, the processes that make this cooling happen are improved. That means less energy will be used to cool the body down, leaving that energy available for use in your workout.

4. Increased Glucose Deployment

Those who are looking to burn more body fat might have somewhat of an advantage when using a nitric oxide supplement. This is due to the fact that available glucose stored in the body will be accessed and used as energy for working out, thereby burning off the body’s fat reserves.

5. Better Muscle Pump

Because muscle pumps are largely a byproduct of increased circulation through the muscle tissues, which comes naturally to some extent during exercise, the increased blood flow to the tissues caused by nitric oxide makes this effect even more pronounced.

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