The Acidophilus Supplement is great for you! 

Taking an acidophilus supplement may be one of the best things you can do to improve your intestinal health. Acidophilus can restore the levels of certain probiotics, which are friendly bacteria that grow naturally in the human intestine. As a probiotic, acidophilus provides many benefits to the human body, and this beneficial organism can even protect your body from unhealthy bacteria that can cause illness. Only large colonies of this probiotic can provide these benefits; if you are like many people, you do not have enough acidophilus living in your gut to fight off bad bacteria. Acidophilus use help probiotic colonies flourish by restoring their numbers to healthy levels inside your intestinal tract.

Acidophilus products contain a strain of bacteria known as “lactobacillus acidophilus,” sometimes referred to as L. acidophilus. Acidophilus is in the lactobacillus genus, a type of bacteria normally found in the mouth, intestine and vagina. Acidophilus products help restore helpful bacteria lost through illness, chronic disease or antibiotic use.

How Acidophilus Works to Protect the Body and Improve Health

L. acidophilus protects the body from harmful bacteria in a variety of ways. It breaks down food in the intestine and forms lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other substances that create an unfriendly environment for “bad” bacteria. This probiotic also restores microbial balance disrupted by antibiotic use. Antibiotics kill “good” and “bad” bacteria indiscriminately; acidophilus products replenish the number of “good” bacteria in the gut so that they outnumber “bad” bacteria.

 and other probiotics help the body absorb nutrients. L. acidophilus produces vitamin K and lactase, which is an enzyme that breaks down lactose sugars in milk.

Probiotic written in bold across a bunch of other related keywords facing in many different directions.Breaks down food in the intestine and forms lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other substances that create an unfriendly environment for "bad" bacteria.

Acidophilus Supplement Uses in Adults and Children

Alternative medicine practitioners often suggest using acidophilus to reduce diarrhea in children with rotavirus, according to In both adults and children, acidophilus use can safely prevent diarrhea caused by antibiotics, hospitalization, travel and even chemotherapy. Practitioners may suggest acidophilus to treat lactose intolerance, Crohn’s disease, and vaginal yeast infections associated with antibiotic use. Many people take acidophilus for general digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, colic in babies, and inflammation of the colon. Lactobacillus treats infection with Helicobacter pylori, also known as H. pylori, which is a type of bacteria that causes ulcers.

Safe for use in adults and children, this probiotic causes very few side effects. Most people tolerate acidophilus well and enjoy the many health benefits from taking an acidophilus supplement.

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