Atkins diet mistakes, you wish you knew 

If you've read Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution then you know there are four basic phases to the Atkins Diet. 

  • Phase One: Induction
  • Phase Two: Ongoing Weight Loss
  • Phase Three: Pre-Maintenance and 
  • Phase Four: Maintenance 

Before we begin with Atkins Diet Mistakes ...

First and foremost you'll need to prepare yourself for the Atkins' Diet. Planning is critical because if you leave high carbs foods within reach you're going to set yourself up for cheating. During phase one (Induction) you cannot eat more than 20 grams of carbs per day. 

This means high-carbs foods such as bread, pasta, sugary yogurt, soda, potatoes, bananas, and more need to be removed from the kitchen and pantry. Don't worry, in later stages of the diet you can consume higher amounts of carbs. 

Fill your fridge with plenty of meat, eggs, dairy (including cheese), butter, leafy greens, seafood, and good cooking oils; however make sure there will be no sugar consumed. Sugar leads to cravings that involve more sugar and sugar is high in carbs. 

Know that sugar is not your friend and it will not help you in any shape of form with this diet or other diets for that matter. Sugar is 99% of the time forbidden in diets. 

Induction Phase

Dr. Atkins supports the Induction phase while other people say it isn't necessary. Let me tell you this: If you want to lose a lot of weight and rapidly this is the best phase to do it during. By eating fewer than 20 carbs per day during this phase you'll go into ketosis.

This is not to be confused with ketoacidosis. There is nothing wrong with ketones within the body.  Ketosis results when your body switches to burning fat instead of glucose in your body. Ketone bodies will result and they will help you feel full. Ketones can also lead to a surge of energy giving you that necessary lift to workout at the gym. 

You'll have up to 20 carbs a day and it is highly recommended during this early phase to get all your carbs from veggies. Veggies have fiber which is really beneficial and necessary since you'll be eating mostly protein. Use those few available carbs to have some celery or other veggies high in fiber. You must be careful to count every carb you eat per day to make sure you don't go over 20!

Keeping the induction flu at bay

For those new to eating low carbs you may or may not experience what is known as the induction flu. If you go from say 500 carbs to day, to less than 20 carbs per day, the induction flu may hit you. 

You'll experience flu like symptoms but remember, this is only transitory. It will end. You may experience brain fog, low-energy and digestive issues during this period. Make sure to drink plenty of water during this period. 

Fats may help you during this period, especially butter. Remember you can eat butter and there are also other approved Atkins foods that are high in fat and low in carbs that should get you satisfied. 

For example, try these delicious, very popular, scrumptious low carb delights: Click here to see them listed on Remember, saturated fat is not your enemy on this diet and is available to you to help keep yourself from snacking on carbohydrates.

It may take 3 weeks or less of eating 20 carbs a day before you become ketotic. Once you become ketotic, you'll be a fat burning machine. Stick with it and have some butter on your steak if you need to. 

Purchase the "Atkins Diet Mistakes, you wish you knew" and gain more insight into the ever important phase 2, phase 3 and phase 4. Learn other valuable insights about the Atkins Diet that will help you succeed while trying this diet. To your success. 

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