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The Atkins' diet is about feeding your body like the cavemen/women that lived for millions of years. They didn't depend on carbohydrates back then, they depended on meat. Carboyhydrates came into predominance recently, with the majority of the world now consuming carbohydrates in greater portions then in the past. 

The Atkins' diet isn't necessary a low carbohydrate diet, which typically espouse eating 60 grams a day of carbs. When you eat 60 grams a day of carbs, it prevents your body from producing ketones (which we want). 

Some doctors believe that ketone production leads to acidosis; however, Dr. Atkins' has observed thousands of his patients living in a ketotic state that haven't gone into acidosis. In fact, a ketotic state means that you are burning primarily fat from the body instead of carbohydrates.

When you have few carbs in the system, the body preferentially burns fat for energy. The byproduct of fat burning are ketones, which are believed to suppress appetite as they build up! This gives more reason to put yourself into a ketotic state with the Atkins' diet. In addition, ketones are also responsible for helping epileptic people remain free from seizures.

To get to ketosis, you'll have to consume carbohydrates according to your tolerance level. The tolerance level is likely below 20 grams per day! That's no easy feat! During the induction phase (Step 1) you'll eat less than 20 grams of carbs per day and as you move through the stages you'll be able to enjoy more carbs per day. 

A bunch of words put together that are related to the Atkins Diet which is one of the words in the center. Another word is ketosis and glycemic

One successful patient after another 

One patient of Dr. Atkins' lost a total of ninety-three pounds and experienced more energy than before without counting calories or feeling hungry. This person gave up carbohydrates but is able to eat all the bacon and eggs for breakfast that he wants.

He also had mayonnaise on his lettuce and butter on his meat and still came out on-top. Imagine having all the eggs and bacon for breakfast, do you think you'll go hungry after eating that? Probably not. A lack of hunger has being attributed to the Atkins' diet and may be due to the buildup of ketones. It is also important to remember that some people can eat all the junk food and high cholesterol food they want and their arteries still don't clog. 

A picture of two healthy arteries in red branching out from a forked positionWe want healthy arteries

Heart Disease, a leading killer

Let's see, all you can eat bacon for breakfast and a dozen and a half ribs then for dinner. That's a lot of fat. One would definitely think that would cause plague to buildup in your arteries but Dr. Atkins' doesn't agree. 

Apparently the Masai and Samburu tribes of East Africa have a diet that is high in fat but low in sugar. The rate there of coronary heart disease is extremely low. In contrast, residents of the island of Saint Helena have a diet that is high in sugar and low in fat. Coronary heart disease on the island is high. Sugar is the main culprit for heart disease not fat. 

A big consumer and then some

Dr. Atkins' even cites a patient of his that lost 50 pounds eating 5000 calories a day of protein, no-carbs or very few carbs. Dr. Atkins' cites this individual's meal journal. 

For dinner this individual had two dozen spareribs, steak, cheese and a big salad and still managed to lose weight. Another dinner was one and one-half pounds of chuck steak with friend onions.

Dr. Atkins' discovered that he can remain ketotic with as much as 40 carbs per day but everyones carbohydrate tolerance is going to be different. With up to 40 consumable carbs per day, this explains how you can get away with eating a big salad which will contain minimal amounts of carbs. 

The large meals stated previously is living proof that it isn't the number of calories but the kind of calories that count; however, someone eating 2000 calories a day and 10 grams of carbs isn't going to lose as much weight as someone eating 1500 calories a day and 10 carbs. Dr. Atkins' goes on to explain that carbohydrates are poison for your metabolism. The Atkins' diet doesn't support counting calories, the diet supports counting carbohydrates. 

What looks like at least two dozen spare ribsSpare Ribs

Insulin is the enemy 

Dr. Atkins' diet is diabetes friendly. Out of 2000 patients of his, many diabetics, not one of them that followed his diet properly had to be put on insulin. The idea behind the diet is the fact that protein and fat combinations of food actually cause very little release of insulin. Too much insulin, a problem for diabetics result from excessive carbohydrate intake. 

Our insulin in the body works against a fat mobilizing hormone, preventing it from being released. Without fat mobilizing hormone being released from the pituitary gland there is resistance against burning fat for energy. The insulin released makes it even more difficult to burn fat. That's part of the reason why the diet is effective even in people consuming high amounts of calories. 

Little to no insulin equals less resistance to fat burning. No carbohydrates in the body to burn for fuel? Than the body preferentially selects fats to burn for fuel. This duo, a lack of insulin and a little carbohydrates provides a powerful environment for fat burning to take place. 


The Atkins' diet supports zero carbohydrates as possible initially, causing you to produce ketones that are a byproduct of fat burning. The ketones also suppress appetite, diminishing cravings for the worst of foods. Dr. Atkins' has had great success with his diet even in patients eating up to 5000 calories per day in protein. 

Fat is not the problem, it is carbohydrates that are poisoning your metabolism, especially sugar which leads to heart disease. Without many carbs in the diet, little insulin is released which makes the environment more favorable towards burning fat. In addition, without carbs to burn, the body switches to fat for its energy demands. 

This diet sounds outstanding and has been tested on many patients effectively, even Dr. Atkins' himself followed his diet. Without a doubt, it has amazing effects and may even lead you to coming off diabetic medications. It also has worked against psychiatric conditions such as depression, psychotic episodes and anxiety. 

Unfortunately, it is no easy feat to eat zero carbohydrates a day because just about every food has some carbohydrates in it except for protein. Dr. Atkins' in his Diet Revolution book even has some delicious recipes for you to follow. If you're ready to make the change to a primarily protein diet, then this diet may be your cure if you're overweight, obese or diabetic. It can lead to lower blood pressure and prevent the onset of heart disease. 

In addition, for people that want more insight into the Atkins diet before buying Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, see this webpage on "Atkins Diet Mistakes, You Wish you Knew." 

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