A Close Look At The Best Bariatric Supplements

Bariatric supplements reviewed: After gastric bypass surgery, your nutrient intake and absorption levels markedly decrease. A prolonged lack of vital nutrients will sap your energy, incapacitate your immune system and even spur disease development. Specific nutritional deficiencies cause anemia, rickets, scurvy and other debilitating illnesses to develop.

Your bariatric surgeon may have strongly recommended taking a multi-vitamin daily to support your wellness. Depending on your dietary intake, however, even the addition of a multi-vitamin may not provide enough nutritional support. Luckily, you can also add the four following vitamins and minerals to create your ideal combination of bariatric supplements for total wellness.


You can add B-12 to your diet to prevent the onset of anemia and support the healthy function of your nerves and blood cells. Without adequate levels of this vitamin, you may develop headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations and nerve pain, including numbness and tingling.

In addition to its regular daily tablet form, vitamin B-12 is available as a sublingual disc that you melt under your tongue once a week. If you are already deficient in this vitamin, your doctor may prefer to start your bariatric supplement routine with a round of injectable B-12.

a yellow sticky tab that says vitamin b12 and is underlined in redPrevent the onset of anemia and support the healthy function of your nerves and blood cells


A lack of iron in your body can also lead to the development of anemia. You may feel fatigued, weak and dizzy as your body becomes anemic. If you do not correct your iron levels, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats and headaches begin. You can keep these symptoms at bay by taking a daily iron supplement. The amount of iron you need to take depends on your age. For individuals between 19 and 50 years old, for example, 18 mg a day is sufficient to eliminate the risk of anemia.

Iron A lack of iron in your body can also lead to anemia


A zinc deficiency can leave your immune system without the strength needed to fight bacteria and viruses attempting to invade your body. As a result, you may begin to catch every cold and flu that comes your way. You may also notice that cuts, scrapes and other wounds, including your surgical incisions, are slow to heal or develop infections deep in the damaged tissue. Long term zinc deficiencies can even cause hair loss. Therefore, a daily 8 to 11 mg dose of zinc is an important element to include with your other bariatric supplements.

Zinc from the periodic table in a square formatZinc for your immune system


Calcium is a difficult nutrient to keep at healthy levels without daily intake of dairy products and leafy greens. Without adequate levels of calcium, your bone strength, heart health and wound recovery rate dramatically decreases. Your blood cannot clot properly without calcium, which is potentially life threatening in the event of an accident.

To remain healthy, you can take up to 1,800 mg of calcium, split into two to three even doses. Select a chewable supplement for its rapid absorption rates. Avoid caffeine to ensure your body quickly and efficiently absorbs the calcium supplements.

Calcium from the periodic table of elements in square format yellow on white background.Calcium for at least proper blood clotting

Selecting Your Ideal Bariatric Supplements

When choosing the best multi-vitamin as the base for your bariatric supplements, select one with 100 mg of vitamin C. Along with preventing scurvy, this vitamin will help your body adequately absorb the other vitamins and minerals. To keep calcium and iron from blocking each other’s absorption rate, take them at least a few hours apart.

You may want to take the iron at night due to its potential to cause an upset stomach. The other vitamins can be taken anytime, as they do not counteract each other. Return to your doctor to have a blood panel performed to check if your chosen supplement routine adequately fulfills your nutritional requirements.

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