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At TeamBeachBody I am currently featuring two products that may pique your interest. The first product is P90X3 (See Below and Get Ripped in 30 Minutes a Day) the successor to P90X2 and the original well renowned and effective P90X. 

Why P90X3?

P90X3 is a 90-day extreme fitness program designed to get your ripped in just 30 minutes a day. Each one of these accelerated 30-minute workouts has been uniquely developed to produce the greatest physical change in your body, in the most efficient way. Whether you're too busy to do longer workouts, or you simply want to maximize your time and your results, P90X3 is the perfect program for you. 

Why is POX3 effective? 

Study after study shows that the most dramatic body transformations happen in the first 30 minutes of exercise. Tony Horton took everything he had already proven with the MuscleConfusion of P90X, added in the Muscle Integration of P90X2, and tailored new routines to take advantage of this science of shorter workouts. The result was Muscle Acceleration. And when a test group was put through the program, the results were mind-blowing. On average, participants in the group lost over a third of their body fat. Those would be great results even doing hour-long P90X workouts, but these folks got to those numbers in just 30 minutes a day. 

What makes P90X3 unique? 

P90X3 combines a highly structured, plateau-busting schedule with an unprecedented variety of moves that keep every muscle challenged every day for 30 minutes of full-throttle intensity that leaves any other workout in the dust. It is a whole workout in half the time. 

Tony Horton is your personal trainer

Trainer Tony Horton has created some of America's best-selling fitness programs -P90X, P90X2, 10-Minute trainer, Power 90, and now P90X3- all in collaboration with Beachbody. And as your personal P90X3 trainer, Tony will be right with you every step of the way. Encouraging you, guiding you, and challenging you to make the most of every 30-minute workout, so you truly end up in the best shape of your life. 


If you order today you get a Network-Exclusive DVD: P90X One on One. "On One Leg" (a $19.95 value). It is an entire workout on only one leg! Just when you thought you had seen it all from the Master of Muscle Confusion, he comes at you hard with a little twist. 

Who is a good fit for the P90X3 program? 

  • Busy people, including working parents - Each P90X3 workout in only 30 minutes, so now you will always have time to work out even if you have children. This is the ultimate excuse-buster.
  • Tony Horton Fans - You know what Tony Horton and his extreme fitness programs are all about. Now check out his latest breakthrough. 
  • Fans of other extreme fitness programs such as INSANITY- How would you like an extreme fitness program that can get you ripped in only 30 minutes a day? 
  • People who love P90X but can not dedicate a full hour to it- P90X is an amazing program. But if you do not always have an hour a day to work out, P90X3 is your solution. 
  • People who are looking for passion, excitement, enthusiasm, and humor in their workouts- Tony Horton not only gets you in the best shape of your life with P90X3-he keeps it fun. 
  • People looking to significantly boost their levels of health and fitness- If you want exceptional results and are not afraid of a challenging workout, P90X3 is the perfect program for you. 

3 P90X3 Kits based on how dedicated you are to your fitness. The base kit, deluxe kit and ultimate kit. 

What is the benefit of the Base Kit? 

  • Workouts: 16 extreme 30-minute workouts on 8 DVDs. These explosive, high-intensity workouts are designed to get you ripped in 30 minutes a day. 
  • Fitness Guide: Your step-by-step guide to getting the most out of Tony's accelerated extreme fitness program. He breaks down every move so you know exactly what to do each day to achieve amazing results. 
  • Nutrition Guide: A simplified approach to healthy eating designed to get you ripped-and help you stay that way. 
  • P90X3 Workout Calendars: Tony gives you each day's workout, so all you have to do is get in-and crush it. 
  • "How to Accelerate" DVD: This easy-to-follow P90X3 intro shows you how to achieve your best results in the fastest time.
  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band: To get really ripped, your muscles need to be challenged by the right resistance. The P90X3 workouts were designed with this premium band in mind. Also comes with one pair of band handles and a door attachment. 

    What is the benefit of the Deluxe Kit?

    Includes everything in the base kit, plus Complex Upper Workout, Complex Lower Workout, X3 Ab Ripper Workout, Elite Calendar, E&E Energy and Endurance Preworkout Formula (1-Month Supply), 2 additional Pro-Grade Resistance bands.

    What is the benefit of the Ultimate Kit? 

    Includes everything in the base kit, plus Complex Upper Workout, Complex Lower Workout, X3 Ab Ripper Workout, Elite Calendar, E&E Energy and Endurance Preworkout Formula (1-Month Supply), 2 additional Pro-Grade Resistance Bands, Premium Beachbody Jump Mat, P90X Results and Recovery Formula (1-Month supply), Gym-Quality P90X Chin-Up Bar, P90X Chin-Up-Max. 

    What is next? 

    The P90X3 Elite Block, included in the Deluxe and Ultimate Kits, takes you to the edge of your limits and beyond. These jaw-dropping extreme workouts are designed to enhance your speed, power, and performance-taking the way your body looks and feels to an elite level. 

    Also, the P90X and P90X2 workouts are an awesome way to follow up P90X3. Each of these programs is completely stand-alone, giving you the opportunity to train in a variety of ways, so your body is always challenged, and your level of fitness is always improving. 

    Watch the promotional video below for the hype!

  • If you think you are interested in P90X3 or any other team beach body products. Click HERE

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