"Cop(Ben Fields) Flips Non-Compliant Student Onto Ground Carelessly Supposedly Due To The Popular Use Of Creatine" 

See the video of Ben Fields(law enforcement) gone viral of aggressive cop being inappropriate and possibly "assaulting" black teenaged child.

The issue occurred because the black student was asked to put her phone away several times which was lying on her desk with her. She told the teacher she would not and that is when Ben Fields was called and arrived on the scene. 

Law Enforcement Encountered the student and commented, "I treated you fair last year right?"

Black girl: "I don't know you."

Law Enforcement: "I need you to come with me or I'm gonna make you." 

Black girl: "No."

Law Enforcement: "C'mon, I'm gonna make you get up." 

After that last comment Ben grabbed her around the neck and slammed her down aggressively and with massive strength. If you see the video closely you will notice that the black girl actually hits the officer in the face with her right arm as she is being brought down. She is then used as a mop on the floor as she is dragged about 15 feet to a spot in front of her where Ben demands her hands to apply handcuffs. 

Apparently, Ben is no stranger to strength as he is an avid power lifter. See what Inside Edition has to say below and see Ben Fields, deadlifting 600+ pounds and squatting close to the weight of a horse below...

Ben Fields usage of creatine is suggested as the culprit for his aggressive unnecessary or excessive use of force. Creatine reportedly can cause mood swings, anger and aggressive behavior in users. 

A review of the scientific literature around creatine does not report creatine as a cause of mood swings, increased aggressiveness or anger. Other Doctors of Philosophy (PhD's) including Bodybuilding's Krissy Kendall, PhD and Bodybuilding's science editor are quite aware of there being no support clinically for the claims being made. 

If You Read Nothing Else About Ben Fields - Read This!

A picture of Deputy Ben Fields in front of the American flag inside a studio in his police uniformDeputy Ben Fields

While I support the widespread use of creatine due to its ability to cause ATP expenditure to recover rapidly during intense physical exercise, I do believe there are known side effects of its use, whether reported clinically or not. 

For example, as a Track Star in HighSchool that was awarded a scholarship to the Oregon State to sprint, I have discussed the consequences of its usage. My friend a Track Star himself in longer distances races claimed he could not use the supplement due to its ability to cause cramps when running long distances. I confirmed the cramping ability of creatine as well shortly after.

As a sprinter, I never had to worry about cramps brought on by long distances runs, making creatine a perfect supplement to sprint with. Usain Bolt, actually does not take any supplements reportedly; however, if he did, I can imagine his world record 9.58 second 100 meter sprint would be significantly faster and would personally recommend creatine to him.  

I am a bit shabby about there being something concerning. As a Veteran of the Gym and really into my bench press, I was taking creatine during pharmacy school to be stronger and lift more weight like most athletes do; however, I experienced moods swings that required a psych pharmacist's attention.

I was going to be put onto a drug called lamictal, generically known as lamotrigine. This drug stabilizes moods typically for people with bi-polar which I knew I did not have. It is a serious manner to take this drug because a rare side effect of it is called Steven Johnson's Syndrome. If you do not known what that is, I suggest you look at Google or Bing images to see how terrible it is. 

After explaining to the psych pharmacist that I was taking creatine she immediately told me my mood swings would stop if I would stop taking the creatine. I was happy to oblige and my mood swings went away shortly after which was to my surprise. I thought creatine had no side effects besides occasional cramps from long distance runs but I was wrong. 

This proves that the clinical research that was reviewed failed to recognize a side effect which I personally experienced. This is possible because clinical reviews only look at X amount of people at a time and so it is possible for a side effect to not manifest during a clinical review period. This case would not be the first time something like this has happened before. 

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