Exploring the World's Best Fiber Supplement, Pectin

The best fiber supplement is pectinAlthough psyllium husks often attract the most attention as a fiber supplement, all eyes should be on pectin instead because of its immense health benefits and minimal side effects.

Pectin is a water-soluble form of fiber naturally found in the cell walls of plants. Citrus fruits, such as navel oranges, are the the primary source of commercially extracted pectin for food preservation uses. In supplements, however, manufacturers usually use pectin from apples. Read on to learn more about pectin, the world’s best source of fiber.

Naturally Occurring

Besides citrus fruits and apples, pectin is in a wide range of fruits, including berries, peaches and grapes. Although pectin is naturally derived, you likely cannot consume enough fruit each day to net the benefits you receive by taking a dedicated supplement. Supplements allow you to receive a therapeutic dose of pectin without all the added sugar and calories from eating large quantities of fruit.

Extensive Benefits

The best source of fiber offers an abundance of health benefits that reduce disease progression and generally improve wellness. Studies show that pectin is a good fiber supplement for weight loss because it helps decrease hunger signals and maximize energy production from food. Initial studies have also indicated a possible link between reduced prostate cancer recurrence and pectin supplements.

Daily doses of pectin have the ability to reduce high LDL cholesterol levels, especially when used in conjunction with non-soluble fiber sources, such as guar gum.  Although studies do not yet support the anecdotal evidence, many people swear by pectin as a healing agent for mouth sores, heartburn, diarrhea and infection.

Minimal Side Effects

When taken on its own, pectin has no notable side effects, even at high doses. When used in combination with non-soluble fiber supplements, however, a chance exists that you might develop gas or diarrhea. It is possible to mitigate the side effects of the best fiber supplement by adjusting dosage levels. You may need to wait a week between dosage changes to determine the best combination of fiber for your unique system.

Easy to Acquire

Although the pectin that’s available for food preservation has the same overall composition, it is easier to find your ideal dosage in prepared supplements. You can acquire your best fiber supplement from your favorite local or online health food or vitamin retailer. The supplements are available as sealed caplets, ranging from 500 to 1,500 milligrams each. The supplements are shelf stable, so you can buy them in bulk sizes to save on each purchase.

Routinely Taking the Best Fiber Supplement

Work the pectin supplements into your daily vitamin routine to start netting the benefits today. Unless your doctor suggests otherwise, start at a 500 milligram daily dose and slowly increase the amount you take until you begin to notice the benefits. Remember to maintain a journal of any noticeable benefits and side effects to determine that the supplements are working for your needs.

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