UnoCardio 1000: 2016’s Best Fish Oil Supplement

The Best Fish Oil Supplement is here. Fish oils are important dietary supplements that support a range of biological functions. But the quality of the many fish oil products available for purchase is always in question. Many of the less expensive options are highly thinned or contain artificial products that are fish oil in name only; these products offer few-to-none of the health benefits that buyers are looking for.

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UnoCardio 1000 — the Best Fish Oil Supplement Tested in Parallel Trials With Several Leading Brands

A study published in early 2015 singles out one fish oil product as the purest and best-quality fish oil available. Called UnoCardio 1000, it’s manufactured by WHC, and it offers all the benefits associated with fish oil.

When compared to 50 similar fish oil supplements, all of which make similar claims, UnoCardio 1000 was determined the best fish oil supplement. In addition, it is the only product of its kind tested that receives a grade “A” rating.

Every fish oil supplement in the study was assessed for total Omega 3 content, fatty acids content, as well as the levels of toxins such as mercury. Because of the current state of the health of the world’s oceans, it’s very difficult to produce fish oil that doesn’t contain at least trace amounts of mercury. With that in mind, it’s by comparing the ratios of all these components that a fish oil product is measured for quality.

The overall quality of the vital components is distorted by the presence of other chemicals that are sometimes added to fish oil supplements for various reasons. These additives range in value from being totally useless to actually posing a hazard to the health of consumers. At the same time, low levels of the fatty acids DHA and EPA mean that a product offers very little in the way of health benefits. Higher levels of mercury, on top of the mercury that comes from oceanic contamination, which are added to prologue the product’s shelf life, also have a potential to cause harm to the consumer’s health.

Despite the difficulty in removing mercury, the temptation to add it as a preservative and the allure of cutting costs by scrimping on EPA and DHA, UnoCardio 1000 has taken the number 1 spot as the top-quality, best fish oil supplement available on the market today.

UnoCardio 1000 has the densest concentration of DHA and EPA fatty acids, both of which support heart and brain health. UnoCardio’s Omega 3 oils contain rTGs with the highest bio-availability for optimal metalization.

For additional benefits, WHC has added vitamin D3. This has no counteractive effects to the fish oil and helps you maintain strong and healthy bones as well as supporting the immune system.

UnoCardio 1000 scored better in purity levels than any other product tested. The competitors’ products were found to have higher mercury levels as well as “filler” ingredients, which often counteract the anti-inflammatory properties of EPA and DHA. But more goes into the making of the best fish oil supplement available than just purity and density, with UnoCardio 1000, you also get superior preservative ingredients. UnoCardio 1000 uses only natural preservatives such as rosemary and Vitamin E, both of which have health benefits of their own.

It is produced to exacting environmental standards from the most sustainable fish species, including sardines, herring, anchovies and mackerel. It is purified via an eco-friendly cold-production process.

Don’t undervalue your health. Choose UnoCardio 1000, the best fish oil supplement available to the public; it’s guaranteed to help you achieve maximum health and well-being.

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