Tribulus: The Best Testosterone Supplement that Has the Pros Guessing

The Best Testosterone Supplement is here. The Tribulus Terrestris flower may possess the ability to support elevated testosterone levels during training cycles. Its Latin name, Tribulus Terrestris, sounds like a mighty Roman conqueror, and some people think it’s hands down the best testosterone supplement. But not everyone is convinced. 

Tribulus provides a native ground cover in many regions of the world. You may know it by one of its nicknames: Goat-head, Puncture vine, Cat's head, and Devil's weed. The fruits of this herb dry out in later weeks of spring and harden into spiked seeds. Mountain bikers curse Tribulus for plaguing them with flat tires.

A green plant with a yellow flowerEnhances testosterone

Every Dose Has Its Thorn

Like most herbs, Tribulus contains numerous active ingredients - one of the many reasons it is the best testosterone supplement. But it's the saponins, steroidal saponin protodioscin, that’s believed to offer beneficial effects to bodybuilders and other strength-oriented athletes. 

Tribulus is used primarily as an herbal testosterone enhancer. When researchers dosed athletes with 625 milligrams of 40% saponin supplement 3x a day for one month, they reported that subjects experienced significantly increased testosterone within the first 10 days of the study. If it does boost testosterone levels, it may do so by raising the luteinizing hormone. Another explanation may be that any testosterone increase is a response to the tendency of Tribulus to reduce blood glucose.

Contents May Vary

As an herb, Tribulus contents and properties vary from one species to the next. With Tribulus, it’s the protodioscin concentration which will indicate how potent it will be, and the concentration will depend on what part of the plant is used and where it was harvested. 

Tribulus with the highest concentrations usually come from Turkey, Bulgaria, and Macedonia. Samples from China and Southeast Asia have been reported to have lower concentrations. So, if you’ve tried it and found it wasn’t the best testosterone supplement, you might have gotten a bad batch.

Getting Tribulus Right

If Tribulus really does boost natural testosterone, its effects seem to be dose-dependent. The administration of protodioscin appears only to be effective within a tight dosage range. The target dose appears to be between 2.3 to 4.6 milligrams of protodioscin a day for every pound of body weight. The Tribulus extract you should be looking for is standardized to at least 6% protodioscin, between 40% to 45% total saponin content, and should come from Turkey, Macedonia, or Bulgaria.

Conditions Apply

Some fitness and nutrition professionals believe that if Tribulus increases testosterone, it most likely does so as a result of promoting glucose disposal. For this reason, it is recommended to take it only on an empty stomach with water.

On your training days, it’s best to consume one dose first thing in the morning, and another before training. On your off days, take the second dose mid-day. You may use Tribulus with your meals, but many theorize that Tribulus will work best when glucose levels are at the low end of the spectrum.

Stacking Supplements with Trib

Tribulus is arguably the best testosterone supplement for stacking. It’s usually stacked with anti-estrogens, other herb-based testosterone supporters, and cortisol blockers. But it’s probably best to keep it simple.

For those just starting out with Trib, try;

Those who are 35 or older should also add 200 milligrams of DHEA. There are many other things on the market you could add in as well, and some of them can be very helpful. The newest ones are always generating buzz, so you don’t need us to tell you about them here. It’s probably better to use a stack with fewer ingredients in higher doses, rather than using a large amount of substances each in small amounts.

Cycling Use for Best Results

Research suggests that Tribulus could be an adaptogenic herb. This is because adaptogens elicit a significant response only while working to bring the body back into homeostasis. For this reason, it may be best to use it in on and off cycles as you would with any adaptogen. You might, for example, use Tribulus during periods of intense training and then cycle off during your recovery period.

Is it the Best Testosterone Supplement?

The available data is too sparse for researchers and manufacturers to make any definitive claims. But Tribulus is still very promising. Its shortcomings probably only reflect holes in the available research as related to correct dosing and optimal response.

Time will tell, but until we know more about this exciting supplement, we recommend keeping your eye on Tribulus.

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