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The Body for Life program designed by Bill Phillips is a twelve-week transformation. It isn't just about transforming your body into something pleasant to look at; it is also about finding a portal to a better life. This new life can be more fulfilling and more spectacular than you've ever thought before. 

The book Body for Life is the center of the challenge. It is very motivating and inspirational. It calls you to action effectively. One part that I liked that Bill Phillips wrote is about how to view your body. Make sure also to check out the webpage on Eating for Life, a great additional resource to have for your challenge if you choose to partake. 

"Your body is the epicenter of your universe. You go nowhere without it. It is truly the temple of your mind and your soul. If it is sagging, softening, and aging rapidly, other aspects of your life will soon follow suit." 

The Abyss 

Bill Phillips describes the beginning of the end the point in which people let go of their bodies. Crossing the Abyss is a part of the book and is described as the inability of people to apply knowledge for change. For instance, doctors and professors know all about the human body, but they fail to apply that knowledge to bring about a change. 

People that do cross the abyss, are people that not only experience extreme changes in the way they look a feel, they move forward, quickly, in all areas of their life. Relationships flourish including family ones; people get better jobs and even pay raises when they change the way they look. 

The chapter about the Abyss provides you with a start to your transformation. A photo is taken of your current self; this is your starting point. Identify your reasons to change and write them down. Picture what you'll look like within the 12-week challenge period and so on. 

The Body for Life Workout

The workout portion by Bill Phillips is called The Training-for-LIFE experience. It is about getting into the gym and getting your workout done with intensity and with little time spent. You do want to have a life while you develop your body, right? 

A cardio day, done three times a week is done using the HIT routine and lasts 20 minutes. A weight lifting day should take about 46 minutes. The principle emphasized is a high intensity one that will take your body to a peak. At this high intensity is where you'll trigger additional fat burning and weight loss.

It has been scientifically proven that this high-intensity, short duration workout on an empty stomach is much more effective and time saving than a long drawn out cardio session done at an average pace. 

Each week you'll have the three cardio days and three weight lifting days with Sunday off. Rest between sets is kept to a 1 minute to keep intensity strong and to spare time.

Body for Life, Eating the right way

The food consumption part is known as Eating-for-LIFE. It is about six meals per day, one every two to three hours a day. Each meal should consist of a portion of protein and carbohydrates. 

A portion of carbs can be two slices of bread although Phillips was reluctant to include bread in his diet. Two meals a day you should have a portion of vegetables. A portion is described as the size of the palm of your hand or a clenched fist. A meal replacement called Myoplex is recommended for 2 to 3 meals a day. 

The meal replacement helps you get the recommended daily allowance of nutrients per day. Bill Phillips once owned the company called EAS that makes Myoplex. Now it is owned by Abbort Laboratories. For the 12-week contest is it required that you use at least one EAS product. EAS was started in 1995 by Bill Phillips and is widely recognized in the bodybuilding community. 

The EAS products are effective and not priced too high. I highly recommend them. I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off when I buy an EAS product. Part of Eating-for-LIFE is a one-day a week cheat day. On this day (typically Sunday) you can eat whatever you like as long as you go back to your regular diet the following day. 

I can't recommend the transformation enough. I highly suggest the book available via amazon and the webpage, This weight loss program can be highly effective and the book Body for Life is full of motivation and support. The transformation will be amazing and there are prizes for the winners. Check out the additional resource Eating for Life also written by Bill Phillips. 

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