What Bodybuilding Supplement Stores Don't Want You to Know

Bodybuilding supplement stores are handy but In the early days of big commercial supplements, we used to get a more honest story. We were told that our multivitamins were more of an insurance policy than an actual source of nutrients. By taking them, we were guaranteed that should our diet let us down, due to skipping a meal or making an irregular poor meal choice, our regular vitamin would be there to supply the missing nutrients.

It was never about relying on vitamins for essential nutrients on a regular basis. Well, the same narrative has become a norm in the advertising culture among bodybuilding stores.

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What the Big Bodybuilding Supplement Stores Would Prefer You Didn’t Know

The shocking truth about bodybuilding supplements is not really terribly shocking. It’s the simple fact that in the name of profit, just like with any product advertised for any reason, you do not absolutely need what they’re selling. Can a bodybuilding supplement help you achieve your fitness goals? Yes. Absolutely.

Where the hype gets out of hand is that in a world where unsafe and frequently illegal drugs, like steroids, have a ubiquitous presence, most bodybuilders live in an atmosphere where extreme gains are possible with a little artificial help. Bodybuilding supplement manufacturers have to compete with controlled substances. In their efforts to stay relevant and marketable, these manufacturers have developed an art of seeming to claim that their products can give you steroid-like results when the fact is they are not technically making such claims.

“Get Jacked!” “Gain 10 pounds in one week!” “Make fast gains!” These are the claims we see. You’ll notice that the claims are highly subjective. What does ‘fast’ mean? Will that 10 pounds really be muscle, or will it be partly water and fat? The expression of opinion in advertising is a common way to get around false advertising laws. Before you lose heart and swear off bodybuilding supplement stores forever, remember that they are trying to survive in an impossibly competitive marketing environment.

So, what then can a good, high-quality bodybuilding supplement do for you if the claims are all exaggerated? The truth is they can do plenty. Just like your old fashioned multivitamin, bodybuilding supplements can provide valuable support to a serious and well-crafted fitness diet and workout regimen. That means there is nothing on the market that is going to magically build muscle for you without a major commitment from you to do the hard work and make the right choices.

You can think of a bodybuilding supplement as being like a spoiler on a race car. You still need a clean, tight and powerful engine. You need a talented pit crew working around the clock to keep it in racing condition. With all the right tasks and components in place, a spoiler can give your hotrod the edge it needs to go over the top.

With some prudence and research, you will be able to find the right supplement to give you that slight edge you’re looking for. But prioritizing hard work over supplementation is going to be an important key to your success.

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