Bodybuilding Supplements for Women

Bodybuilding Supplements For Women wants to find what helps women grow muscle. Muscle isn't just for men, but women usually have slightly different goals. Here is a step-by-step regimen that is geared toward burning fat and building lean muscle mass specifically in women.

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Bodybuilding Supplements for Women: The Basics

It makes sense for women to first boost the natural elements within the body that promote muscle growth, namely, zinc and magnesium. Some experts recommend a zinc magnesium aspartate (ZMA) supplement, which provides both in one pill; however, women do not process ZMA quite the same as men. Women who take the zinc and magnesium in separate pills report more of the lean muscle building that is a symptom of great protein synthesis. Take your supplements before bed, and make sure your dosage never exceeds 40 mg of zinc and 350 mg of magnesium per day.


The protein you get from eating lean meats like chicken and fish is a start, but it is not enough even for women with a lower body mass. After a workout, you need a combo casein and whey protein supplement to ensure maximum protein synthesis in the body. The best way to take this supplement is both pre-and post-workout: The recommended maximum dose is 15 g before workout and 30 g immediately after.


The more you break your muscles down, the better they will perform when your body builds them back up. Creatine is produced naturally in the muscles, and an appropriate supplement will help you perform even more during high intensity workouts. Your muscles also gain endurance, allowing you to work out for longer periods of time.

You can take creatine along with your protein supplements at both pre-and post-workout. Thirty minutes before training, take a maximum of 5 g of creatine. After your training, supplement your body with another 5 g.

Amino Acids

This is the third component in your trinity of muscle building supplements for women. Branched chain amino acids are unique among the supplements mentioned here because they are not produced in the body. Isoleucine, valine and leucine help with protein synthesis and the body's production of insulin. All three of these amino acids should be taken at the same time.

Because these amino acids convert very easily to glucose, you must be sure to maintain a high intensity workout in order to eat up the stores of energy that are being created in your body; otherwise, the stores will very quickly turn into fat that will undermine your efforts. Start off by taking 2 g of amino acids pre-and post-workout. Work your way up to 5 g over the course of a month.

Bodybuilding Supplements for Women

Women are especially prone to stomach problems when taking supplements, so build up to the maximum doses mentioned here gradually, especially if you experience stomach pain. Other than that, the supplement plan mentioned above should help you create an incredible body in a short amount of time.

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