How to Build Bigger Arms

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Guns, jacks, pipes, hooks, pythons...Whatever you call them, the fact remains that most guys want to know how to build bigger arms. 

While they are nowhere near as impressive, rarely seen and as intimidating as a big set of traps, it is still much better to build sexy arms that lay girls much quicker than the time spent scaring women away by spending your time building traps like you are a WWF superstar. Would you rather spend 20 minutes getting anal sex quicker for your extremely valuable time or spend 20 minutes building a muscle no woman has ever reported as sexy, interesting or provocative. I have seen the reports online proving that big arms equate to more sexual partners.

Big tits on a woman is as sexy as big arms on a man, do not ask them if it is true because they will not admit their secrets unless you put a gun to their head. Instead, be confident and cocky with your arms stretching your sleeves. Importantly do not forget how easy it is to get a girls pants down on the first date because you lift to get great arms that are visible with just a short sleeve t-shirt. Obviously, long-sleeve shirts are not necessary when we have great arms.

If you have the six pack or eight pack, the tight shirt with great arms is undeniably good shit. I think this because women hate to reveal their dog shit or can not always help themselves out. I believe we all learn that life is a poker game; however, if you have a six, eight and hopefully at least a 4 pack (which I heard is sufficient), with spandex shirt shirt on, I'm confident you can get some attention and a grin or two from the gym bunnies. Aim high, shoot for the moon and go for big sexy guns with six pack and tight spandex shirt. If you have an 8 or 10 pack more love to you. 

I have even had great responses with less than ideal body fat wearing tight shirts at the gym but you are gonna have to feel a little uncomfortable or self-conscious for it. Test it out. I know you guys want to wear that tight shit, try it. Think about it, a lot of women with a little chub are still very attractive in spandex and a low cut tummy shirt. Why would it not work the opposite way for men? You do not have to look like a mens fitness model to wear a spandex shirt that highlights your arm work and demands some attention from the gym bunnies. I was even one of the first guys spotted wearing long spandex tight leggings to the gym without anyone thinking there was a damn thing wrong with what I am wearing. Ever since then, there is always at least one or two guys copying my style at the gym every single time. It is becoming even more popular by day. 

So the question is how do you go about building bigger arms?The answer is not as simple as you might assume. If it were easy, you would see tons of guys walking around with 18 inch arms. But that simply is not the case.

It has been said over and over again that in order to add an inch to your upper arms you need to gain ten pounds of body weight. This advice has become apparent and it seems that nearly everyone agrees with this these days. 

Real word evidence shows that this is not the case, however. Walk into any public gym on a Monday night at five o'clock and you will see quite a few skinny guys, weighing no more than 170 pounds, who are sporting decent sized arms. 

Many of them probably have not gained more than 10 or 15 pounds total since they started training but they all have put more than an inch or two on their arms. 

This is because localized hypertrophy/muscle growth will take place if enough volume is present, without a large increase in body weight. Look at the calves on soccer players or the forearms on mechanics. 

But this only happens up to a certain point. So do not get the wrong idea by adopting a high volume workout program because of that. 

These young guys read in some magazines about how to build bigger arms and start by doing ten sets of arms two or three days a week. The volume is enough to elicit a growth response and they may even get a good eight weeks out of this and a quick two inches of arm growth in the absence of any significant weight gain. 

Seems to defy the ten pounds per inch rule, right? 

But what happens after that? Where do they go from there? The gains will halt and there will be no more arm growth unless they make some drastic changes.

And that is the pitfall of jumping right into high volume training-where can you go when you plateau? Add more volume? At what cost? How much volume can you add? If ten sets is not enough should you try twenty? And then thirty? And eventually a hundred? Questioning your genetic potential is always interesting and should not be forgotten either. 

There is nowhere to go with this approach. Like I said, it is great for some quick gains on your arms but is not a long term approach. Once you hit a plateau you have no choice but to start lifting heavier weights and eating more. 

Stick with the Basics. 
More weight on the bar and more food on your plate is the fastest way to increase the size of any body part. All the fancy super-sets, drop sets, tri-sets, pre-exhaustion, post-exhaustion techniques in the world will not help in the least if you are not doing those two very important things. Do not think that I'm suggesting you sacrifice a six-pack for your guns. Keep the gains lean, focus and concentrate on lean gains and go slowly and precisely. It is a fine art. 

Stick with big exercises like EZ bar curls, hammer curls, dumbbell curls (standing, incline, alternating, etc.), parallel bar and ring dips, close grip benches, reverse grip benches, weighted close grip push ups and lockouts or board presses. The occasional push down can also come in handy. 

You should not need more than 3-5 sets of biceps and triceps twice per week to achieve optimal growth, providing that you are always increasing your loads and steadily adding more calories to your diet. 

After a couple of heavy sets in the 8-10 range consider finishing your arm workout by getting the biggest pump possible with one or two higher rep sets of 12-15. A huge pump seems to be pretty important for maximal arm growth. 

Three other tips that really help in building bigger arms are firstly, to train the biceps and triceps together. So do a set of biceps then rest and do a set of triceps. 

Secondly, keep the rest periods low. 45 seconds between sets. 

And lastly, be sure to stretch both the bi's and the tri's for a good 60-90 seconds at the end of the workout when they are fully pumped. 

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