Bulimia facts 

Bulimia facts is done in bulleted format to ease the reading by the reviewer. 

  • Bulimia affects 15 women for every 1 man, a 15 to 1 ratio. 
  • Bulimics are typically normal weight to a little overweight 
  • Bulimics feel out of control during a binge episode 
  • Bulimics are completely dissatisfied with the image of their body 
  • Bulimics will compensate for binging via purging, laxative use, diuretic use, diet pills and excessive exercise. 
  • In high schools as much as 15% of the population has Bulimia Nervosa. 
  • At least 1.0 to 1.8 percent of college women meet the criteria for Bulimia Nervosa. 
  • A diagnosis of Bulimia Nervosa occurs when purging happens at least twice a week for not less than 3 months. 
  • Russell's sign occur when the bulimic repeatedly self-induces vomiting, manifesting as calluses on the knuckles and back of hands. 
From Self-Induced Vomiting

More Bulimia Facts / Symptoms

  • Bulimics can have an inflamed sore throat from purging 
  • Salivary glands in the neck and jaw can be swollen. 
  • When the stomach acid hits the teeth, it wears away the enamel on the teeth, putting the bulimic at increased sensitivity to decaying teeth. 
  • GI problems and Acid reflux disorders can show up
  • From laxative use, there can be intestinal distress and irritation 
  • From vomiting, fluid loss can lead to dehydration 
  • Electrolytes can become abnormal from the vomiting, which potentially can cause a myocardial infarction 
  • Weakened rectal walls (rare but serious condition that requires surgery) can occur. 

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