Cabbage Soup Diet

Interesting research supports the cabbage soup diet. It has been shown that eating soup that is broth-based reduces the cravings for other foods. I'm not surprised, because I've been on a successful soup based diet in the past where I maintained a healthy body mass index with primarily soup, daily. Chicken soup is my favorite. 

With cabbage, a power food, it will slow down carbohydrate absorption and help to prevent surges in the hormones that stimulate appetite. After eating soup, your body believes that you have consumed a larger number of calories than you have actually taken in. The warmth and liquid of soup fills you up quickly, preventing the desire to overeat. 

5 Important Points Before Beginning the Cabbage Soup Diet to Keep Your Metabolism Burning 

1. Eat sufficient Cabbage soup. 3-4 Portions of cabbage soup per day is ideal.

2. Drink protein shakes. Protein burns fat away; there is a need for 2 protein shakes per day. The importance of the protein shakes couldn't be stressed enough. 

3. Move your body. Undertaking an exercise program is the ideal way to stimulate your metabolism. Preferably, the exercise should be done in the morning on an empty stomach since doing this, according to studies burns more fat (300% more!). 

4. Acid-Base Balance. If your urine pH is below 6.5 than you have too much acid in the body. This acid can cause your weight not to reduce or reduce very slowly. There are several over-the-counter products that neutralize excess acid. Make sure to ask your pharmacist how to correct this problem. 

5. Opt for low Glycemic Load Food. The glycemic load is calculated by multiplying the grams of carbohydrates in a food by the glycemic index. The Glycemic Load is necessary because carrots have a similar Glycemic index to sugar but are much healthier. A carrot isn't as bad as table sugar. With the glycemic load calculation, carrots drop from a high glycemic index of 47 to a glycemic load of 3.5, a good thing. 

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The Cabbage Soup Diet Plan Overview. 

Cabbage soup is consumed everyday of the 7-day diet period. Other foods consumed along with cabbage soup are fruits, vegetables, baked potato with butter, almased protein shakes, bananas, low fat milk/yogurt, poultry or fish, tomatoes and brown rice. To drink is water with lemon, herbal or fruit teas.

A cabbage standing upright with a quarter section cut off from the cabbage wholeCabbage Soup Diet

10 Golden Rules for Better Results

1. Get your doctor's permission. The weight loss part is 7 days with the weight coming off quickly. Make sure your doctor approves of this rapid weight loss. 

2. Cabbage a la carte. Cook yourself a big pot of cabbage soup, one that lasts for two days at a time. 

3. Eat as much cabbage soup as you want! Once you're started, you can eat cabbage soup as much as you want and whenever you want!

4. Stick to the program. Stick to the carefully selected foods to achieve the impressive, motivating weight loss you desire. 

5. Eat more slowly. Studies are showing that by eating slower you'll consume fewer calories. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to register you're full. 

6. Drink water! You should aim to drink another eight glasses of water for every 20 pounds of additional weight you're carrying. 

7. Use a thermos bottle on the road. You can put your cabbage soup in a thermos bottle and take it with you to your office or out into the field. 

8. Drink Protein Shakes. 2 protein shakes a day, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Otherwise, your body may take protein from your muscle mass to get what it needs. 

9. Vitamins and Minerals. It is recommended you take a multivitamin just in case you don't get enough from the vegetables and fruits. 

10. Workouts. Adding 30 minutes a day of regular physical exercise will boost your success. 

A bunch of full water bottles lined up next to one another without any labels on the bottles.Drink plenty of water


The cabbage soup diet is founded on the fact that eating soup with broth reduces cravings for other foods. Other recommendations to follow while on the diet: Drink protein, exercise, get plenty of soup, use low glycemic load foods and check your acid-base balance. 

The diet allows for unlimited consumption of cabbage soup even past the hour of 6pm when no food should be consumed. A multivitamin is recommended as is sticking to the program. Plenty of water along with eating slower can provide benefits. 

I don't think the Cabbage Soup diet is going to harm anyone. It only lasts for 7 days and it sounds like you can take off at least 10 pounds during this period. Following the program for two weeks in a row is not recommended. For more information see the Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 from Amazon. 

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