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Arnold Posing In A Side Chest ShotArnold's Huge Chest Development

Perfecting the chest is more difficult than many bodybuilders believe. You can have a huge rib cage and huge, thick pectoral muscles, but this will not guarantee a perfect chest. Chest perfection, especially if you are interested in competition, involves the following: 

  • A great rib cage
  • Thick pectoral muscles
  • Development of the inside, outside, upper and lower areas of the pectorals. 
  • Visible striations when the pectorals are flexed, such as in most-muscular shot, with the striations showing from the middle of the rib cage all the way across and from top to bottom. 
  • Clear separation of upper and lower pectorals 
  • A shape that gives a nice square look, achieved by a lot of upper pectoral development, rather than one in which the muscle seems simply to be hanging down
  • Sufficient development so that the pectorals don't totally disappear when you lift your arms over your head or do a front double-biceps shot. 

Note: Some bodybuilders are extremely lucky in their genetic potential for chest development. Sergio Oliva used to do only one kind of exercise for the chest- Bench Presses- and his chest muscles would rise like a loaf of bread. Reg Park is gifted with an enormous rib cage, making his pectoral development all the more impressive. John Grimek also displayed a wonderful rib cage that made his chest poses look terrific. As a former powerlifting, Franco Columbu has developed his chest so that the split between upper and lower pecs is awesome. Sometimes Arnold would joke with him and refer to this vast chasm as the "Grand Canyon." 

Genetically gifted or not, if you want to be a complete bodybuilder you need to develop your chest properly, and this means making up with skill, effort, and technique for what nature may have neglected to hand you on a silver platter. 

"The Grand Canyon Of Chest Separation - Franco Columbu"
John Grimek Know For His Rib Cage Circa 1930s-1940s Bodybuilding

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