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Cartoon man doing dumbbell incline flysIncline Dumbbell Flys

Purpose of this chest exercise: To build the mass of the upper pectorals. 

Execution: These Flys are done like normal Dumbbell Flys, except you lie on an incline bench, with your head higher than your hips. 1) Lie on the bench with the dumbbells held straight overhead, palms facing each other. 2) Lower them out and down to either side in a wide, sweeping arc, keeping the palms facing each other and bending the elbows slightly. Lower the weights until your pectorals are fully stretched. Come back up through the same wide arc, as if giving a big hug. Avoid bringing the weights in and pressing them straight up. At the top, flex the pectoral muscles to ensure a full contraction. 

A male bodybuilder doing standing cable crossoversStanding Cable Crossovers

Chest Exercise Continued 

Purpose: To develop the inside of the pectoral muscle. Doing a flying motion using cables to provide resistance is a specialized exercise that works the center of the pecs and brings out those impressive cross striations, as well as develops the middle and lower pectoral region. 

Execution: 1) To do this movement from a standing position, take hold of handles attached by cables to overhead pulleys, step slightly forward of the line directly between the pulleys, and extend your arms almost straight out to either side. 2) Bend forward slightly from the waist, then bring your hands around and forward in a big hugging motion, elbows slightly bent, feeling the pectoral muscles contracting. When your hands come together in the center don't stop-cross one hand over the other and contract your chest muscles as much as you can. On each repetition of this movement, alternate which hand crosses over the other. 

A male bodybuilding doing bent-forward cable crossoversBent-Forward Cable Crossovers

Purpose: To work the inside of the middle and lower pectoral muscles. 

Execution: 1) Using two floor-level pulleys, grasp a handle in each hand and bend forward, extending your arms out to either side. 2) Draw your hands toward each other, allow them to cross, and continue pulling until you feel your pectorals contract to the maximum. Hold for a moment and flex for extra contraction, then release and let your arms be pulled back to the starting position. 

Cartoon man is doing machine flysMachine Flys

Purpose: To build middle chest size and definition and striations in the pectoral muscles. Fly machines are not your best choice for building mass, but are very useful in creating definition. 

Execution: Many gyms are equipped with a variety of "pec decks" that approximate the flying motion. When using these in your training, work toward getting the fullest range of motion, stretching the pectorals to the maximum at full extension, then giving the muscles an extra, isometric contraction once you've brought your arms as close together as possible. 

Man reaching back behind a weight bench with dumbbell in hand, pulling it up and over his chestStraight-Arm Pullovers

Purpose: To develop the pectorals and expand the rib cage. This is the best movement for expanding the thorax as well as working the pectorals and building up the serratus anterior muscles. 

Execution: 1) Place a dumbbell on a bench, then turn and lie across the bench with only your shoulders on its surface, your feet flat on the floor. Grasp the dumbbell with both hands and hold it straight up over your chest, with both palms pressing against the underside of the top plate. 2) Keeping your arms straight, lower the weight slowly down in an arc behind your head, feeling the chest and rib cage stretch. Drop the hips toward the floor at the same time to increase this stretch. When you have lowered the dumbbell as far as possible, raise it back to the starting position through the same arc. Don't let your hips come back up as you lift the weight. Keep them low throughout the movement to ensure the maximum possible stretch and therefore the greatest expansion of the rib cage. 

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