5 Best Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

A number of compounds are found in nature that positively affect our health. For those of us who suffer from high cholesterol, many new and promising studies have come out showing which substances are best for reducing bad cholesterol, or “LDL.” Both cinnamon, for example, and turmeric have long been observed to have beneficial effects on cholesterol.

News such as this is great for foodies who like to season and flavor their cooking, but there’s also some good news for those who want to blow their cholesterol out of the water directly by taking cholesterol-lowering supplements. Some of these utilize plant ingredients, while others employ nutrients found in common food items. Here are our top five choices for the best cholesterol-clobbering supplements out now.

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Top 5 Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Beta Sitosterol Supplements

Cholesterol lowering supplements due work. WebMD reports that beta sisterol may be useful in protecting against heart disease and lower LDL cholesterol. A cholesterol-lowering supplements like the plant-based sterol, beta sisterol is believed to be one of the most potent natural supplements for bringing down cholesterol. The compounds in these nutrients are the same ones commonly added to margarine and similar products for the promotion of cardiovascular health.


Cholestoff Complete, by Nature Made, is intended to lower LDL by using plant stanols and sterols, both of which have been clinically tested and shown to bring down LDL levels. Customer reviews suggest that users of Cholestoff are very pleased with the product on the whole. Few customer reviewers reported any unwanted side effects. Some claim they prefer Cholestoff over statin drugs, which come with a host of dangerous side effects.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements

Few cholesterol-lowering supplements are as heart-healthy as the beloved omega-3s. These supplements are known to support improved blood vessel health as well as to reduce the chance of suffering a heart attack. New studies have suggested, however, that omega-3s’ ability to boost levels of HDL (the good kind of cholesterol) is as strong as health professionals have long believed it is. HDL has been shown to help remove LDL from arteries, furnishing yet another good reason why fish oils are an outstanding choice to keep your heart healthy. Krill oil is at least 15X better than regular fish oil at lowering cholesterol levels. 

Red Yeast Rice Supplements

Considered to be among the best cholesterol-lowering supplements, the benefits of red yeast rice have been studied extensively. The Mayo Clinic says red yeast rice may offer LDL-lowering effects. But they also warn they may contain lovastatin, a compound that can be difficult to measure, a fact that makes controlled studies less reliable.

Coenzyme Q10 Supplements

The University of Maryland reports that excessively low levels of the CoQ10 enzyme are common in individuals with high LDL. For that reason, this naturally produced enzyme is under consideration as a potential competitor in the anti-cholesterol supplements’ market. Regrettably, not enough evidence exists at the moment to definitively prove that Coenzyme Q10 can lower LDL cholesterol; therefore, more study is needed. However, some evidence exists that persons taking CoQ10 may suffer fewer side effects from statin drugs.

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