The Benefits of Cranberry Supplements

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Cranberry supplements and cranberries - you probably think about them during the winter holidays as a side dish to your turkey, but these common little berries are very good for your health and have a long list of benefits when taken daily. While they are tasty and fun to eat and cook with, you may get tired of eating them every day, which is why the glorious world of science has made handy little pills from our tiny, red, round friends.

The Benefits of Cranberry Supplements

General Health Benefits

With an abundance of naturally occurring antioxidants, cranberries make a great ally in the fight against all sort of infections and even lower the risk of several types of cancer. They are known for their ability to reduce the risk of heart disease, cleansing the kidneys — and reducing the risk of painful kidney stones. They also contain compounds that help clean the teeth.

Preventing Urinary Tract Infection

Cranberry pills can help prevent urinary tract infection by killing unfriendly organisms that grow in the urinary tract area and help clear out sediments that can trap and nurture these organisms. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume these supplements enjoy a significantly lower risk of all kinds of painful and dangerous bladder and kidney infections. In most of these studies, even subjects who were prone to kidney and bladder infection rarely had any further incidence of the condition after a two-year period of regularly taking these supplements.

External Candida Infection Relief

Commonly known as jock itch or athlete’s foot, these are fungal infections that come on quickly and can be very irritating. Cranberry pills contain vitamin E, among other nutrients, which can make the skin more resistant to topical infection and reduce the inflammation that causes the most unpleasant symptom of jock itch.

Full Body Detox

You have good reason to believe that cranberry pills can help detoxify the entire body. In addition to their powerful antioxidants, cranberries also possess properties that prevent bacteria from attaching to surfaces. Bacteria needs to attach in order to flourish, and it becomes extremely fragile when it is prevented from doing so. Cranberry pills help your system flush unwanted bacteria right out by loosening its grip on your internal organs.

Cranberries are among the many healthy options to be found at your local grocery store, and cranberry supplements are among the simplest and most sure-fire choices you can make at your local vitamin shop.

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