The benefits of creatine and creatine supplements

The benefits of creatine are numerous but safety first. Creatine supplementation has been used safely in appropriate doses in healthy adults for 1-5 years; however, orally, in high doses, there are concerns that creatine may hurt kidney, liver and cardiovascular function. A clear finding of high dose creatine use has yet to be established. 

The benefits of creatine / effectiveness

The benefits of creatine include its ability to be effective in boosting muscular performance during repeated bouts of high intensity exercise (think sprinting). There is substantial evidence that creatine supplementation is effective for high-intensity exercise but for other exercises it appears to offer no benefit. 

My experiences with the benefits of creatine have been great. It allows you to press more weight after you load with it for 5 days at 20 grams a day. It also allows you to rest less between reps and gives you an extra 2-5 reps your next set on the bench press or similar lift. 

This in theory allows you to work your muscles harder, possibly allowing you to put on more muscle in a shorter period of time. This is my solid belief. Creatine supplements are a staple in the fitness/bodybuilding community.  A high dose of creatine is 20 grams a day. At some point, taking more creatine per day does nothing beneficial since it reaches a saturation point in which your muscles can't hold any more of it. 

Where it is not likely to be effective is with cross country runners or with aerobic exercise.

Reports have also shown that creatine does not improve isometric strength or body composition in adults above 60 years of age. 

The benefits of creatine include, weight gain in muscle volume by the end of the first week's loading dose. The creatine fills out your muscles with water making them look more pumped in general. The increase in weight, some believe, may offset any increase in performance but I doubt it.  

It is also known that ingesting creatine along with liquid carbohydrates such as grape juice increases the uptake of creatine which could cause your muscles to fill out even more. One product on the market called Cell Tech uses a carbohydrate solution along with creatine to increase muscular uptake; however, Cell Tech doesn't taste very good in my opinion and is reserved for the hardcore. Cell Tech will fill out your muscles by maximizing the uptake of creatine into your cells. One can clearly tell the benefit of Cell Tech over ordinary creatine.  

The Dosage and Administration of Creatine

Several doses have been tried when using creatine. The most acceptable way to ingest creatine is 20 grams per day for the first 5 days (loading doses) then followed by a maintenance dose of 2-5 grams daily 24/7. Another loading regime has been tested and it was 9 grams per day for 6 days then followed by a maintenance dose of 2-5 grams until you decide to quit. 

What's important is your water intake. During creatine supplementation you should get a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day. 

A Few Days

Creatine is not sanctioned by the International Olympic Commitee, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and professional sports where it is omni-present. 

With current testing methods, creatine is non-detectable from a drug test. Use of creatine is done by professional and amateur athletes such as Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and many fitness enthusiasts/models. 

Consumption in the US of creatine is estimated to be greater than 4 million kilograms or 8.8 million pounds!

Purchase creatine here today with or click the bottle below. The Kre-Alkalyn formula shown below is a bit different than the original creatine. It is buffered so there is better absorption of the creatine from the stomach where changes in pH determine cellular uptake of creatine. A loading dose is not necessary with Kre-Alkalyn creatine. Total grams of buffered creatine per day can range from 3 to 7 grams in my opinion. 

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