5 Health Benefits of Curcumin

If you’ve ever eaten curry, then you might be familiar with turmeric. This is the plant that gives curry its potent flavor. In addition to providing you with flavorful meals, turmeric can also boost your health. The active ingredient in this plant, known as curcumin, can improve your well-being in a number of ways. These are some of the important curcumin health benefits you should know about. 

Antioxidant Powers

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Antioxidants are substances that can have powerful effects on our health and well-being. These substances move around our bodies fighting harmful molecules known as free radicals. When free radicals are left unchecked, they can cause a lot of damage to our cells. They might even raise our risk of developing serious diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, and other health problems, such as cataracts. 

Curcumin in turmeric is considered an antioxidant, and its health effects have been the subject of many studies. Researchers have found that curcumin might be associated with a lower risk of cancer mainly due to its antioxidant properties. These properties, along with anti-inflammatory effects, might also lower the risk of some diseases that affect the nervous system, including Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Keep in mind that curcumin isn’t the only substance with antioxidant properties in turmeric. It also has other substances that exhibit these properties.  

Anti-inflammatory Properties 

Inflammation can occur with several health conditions, including osteoarthritis, leading to pain and stiffness in the affected parts of our bodies. Curcumin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it has the ability to relieve discomfort caused by inflammation. This ingredient does this by decreasing the number of enzymes that cause inflammation. While more research is needed to determine exactly which inflammatory conditions curcumin can help ease and how much is needed to have these effects, its general anti-inflammatory properties can provide relief for some people.

Lower Risk of Blood Clots

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Blood clots can be a life-threatening condition if they move into the lungs or if they develop in the brain. Curcumin health benefits include lowering the risk of developing blood clots by preventing platelets from binding and forming these clots. Researchers believe that this property might help lower the risk of having clots form inside the walls of blood vessels, which could lead to a decreased risk of heart disease. However, more research on this is needed.

Digestive Properties 

Digestive problems can develop from several potential causes, ranging from underlying medical conditions to stress. Taking steps to ensure proper digestion helps reduce the occurrence of gas and other issues. Curcumin provides important health benefits when it comes to digestion.

In fact, it has been used for years as a digestive aid. It can help ease bloating, gas and other symptoms of poor digestion. The presence of curcumin promotes increased bile production in our gallbladders, which helps support proper digestion. Studies have also shown that curcumin might keep a chronic digestive disease called ulcerative colitis in remission. 

Wound healing

Wounds heal over time as healthy tissue grows and replaces damaged tissue. When wounds don’t heal properly, they can cause scarring or become infected. Curcumin has been in use as a topical wound treatment for centuries. Studies show that curcumin offers a number of beneficial effects that help wounds heal more quickly. It reduces inflammation in the skin around the affected area and helps promote healthy tissue growth. Applying topical curcumin ointment to wounds offers an effective way to help these injuries heal naturally. 

Sources of Curcumin

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Eating curry and other foods that have turmeric can boost curcumin levels in our bodies. If you don’t usually eat foods that contain turmeric, there are other ways to increase the amount of curcumin in your body. Taking supplements containing this ingredient can improve your chances of enjoying curcumin health benefits. 

Curcumin supplements come in several forms, including powdered root, tinctures, fluid extracts and standardized powder. Although curcumin is considered safe whether it's in food or in supplements, there are a few precautions to take note of. Talk to your doctor before taking curcumin supplements if you have any health conditions, and only take the recommended dosage in order to lower your risk of developing side effects, such as digestive issues or ulcers.

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