Deltoid Specifics

Deltoid specifics is devoted to helping you learn which exercises target which part of the deltoids. It is about training the deltoids, especially when they need to be brought up to proportion to other parts of the delts/body. 

Front Deltoids 

Machine presses, because you can lower the weight farther with machines than with barbells or dumbbells, thereby stretching the front deltoids to the maximum and getting a longer range of motion. Do not lock out on top in any press movement. 

Use dumbbells whenever possible to better stress the deltoid heads. 

Arnold Presses - Arnold's favorite delt exercise especially when combined with Running The Rack or the Stripping Method

Front Dumbbell Raises for maximum front deltoid and pectoral separation 

Front Barbell Presses

Upright Rows

Incline Barbell and Dumbbell Presses

Incline Dumbbell Flys 

Arnold Schwarzenegger leaning over something with his shoulders looking very muscularArnold With Striations In Front Delts

Side Deltoids

Dumbbell Laterals, beginning with the dumbbells held beside the thighs instead of in front while standing straight or sitting on a bench with your back straight 

Cable Laterals, raising your arm from the side of the body, not across the front

Do super-strict Laterals (not letting the weight rise about your head, to ensure that the delts do the work instead of the trapezius).

Do burns after your Lateral Raises (taking very heavy dumbbells and holding them out with totally straight arms about 10 inches from your thighs for as long as possible, but at least 30 seconds). 

Rear Deltoids 

Use the Priority Principle, beginning your deltoid training with rear delt movements.

Add extra rear delt sets: Bent-Over Laterals, Bent-Over Cable Laterals, Bent-Over Barbell Rows, Seated Cable Rear Laterals, Incline Bench Lateral Raises (facedown), or Lying Side Laterals - try 10 sets for each arm done continuously without stopping. 

Take extra care to work the rear delts with the strictest technique possible, since any cheating will allow other muscle groups to do too much of the work. 

In all Rear Laterals, twist the wrist as if pouring water from a pitcher in order to increase rear delt development. 

Three-quarter back pose shows why rear delts are important


Upright Rows
Clean and Press
Reverse Laterals
Rowing exercises such as T-Bar Bows and Cable Rows
Cable and Dumbbell Laterals

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