DLPA Supplement: Natural & Effective Relief from Chronic 

A dlpa supplement may help you. DLPA is a pain and depression-fighting supplement containing two forms of phenylalanine, an amino acid. The ‘L’ portion bolsters mood-boosting neurotransmitters, while The 'D' portion is synthetic. A DLPA supplement blocks enzymes that amplify pain signals. It may prevent the deterioration of natural pain-relieving substances to reduce depression and chronic pain. The L & D combination is superior to the pure L-form, which is believed to cause increased blood pressure.

DLPA supplements are an effective part of a comprehensive program to feel happier, raise alertness, and improve concentration and focus. It may also be effective for those suffering from attention deficit disorders. Its ability to elevate mood while alleviating pain makes DLPA helpful in treating PMS and chronic pain in addition to an array of other common problems.

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DLPA Supplement Health Benefits

Empirical studies have shown the value of this essential amino acid for the treating chronic pain syndromes in the lower back and joints as caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, migraines, premenstrual spasms, neuralgia, and other conditions.

In the last ten years, specific dosing levels have been identified. Insight into the powerful analgesic properties of DLPA was provided by a 1979 study in treating numerous arthritic conditions using an average dose of 375 mg each day. The results the researchers obtained were impressive. More than 75% of patients suffering from chronic pain experienced significant to complete pain relief within a period of seven to thirty days. It was also found that the DL-form of the substance actually completely supersedes the L-Form within the body and even provides nourishment that the L-form does not.

Over the years since then, many care providers have had great success with many of their chronic pain patients who had already tried and been disappointed by almost every traditional medical treatment known. One of the most extreme success cases reported concerns the treatment of a 37-year-old Viet Nam veteran who suffered for eight years with debilitating neck pain, back pain and, pain in the extremities. He sought help from numerous hospitals and doctors (both veterans and civilian), as well as several clinics specializing in disorders of the joints, both in the US and abroad. This individual is reported to have regained roughly 80% of his normal functioning within a few months.

The most important feature of any DLPA supplement is that it accomplishes equal, or better pain relief than any synthetic pharmacological intervention and is far less toxic.

As with any substance, there are cautions that must be observed. Most importantly, the correct dosage must be strictly adhered to. All of the relevant recent studies have confirmed that the best and most effective results are achieved by careful adherence to the recommended dosages.

Furthermore, DLPA should never be taken by pregnant women or anyone who may be allergic to it. Those with circulatory conditions or high blood pressure should only take DLPA after meals. Finally, DLPA is not a miracle drug. Professional guidance should be sought by anyone who is considering using it.

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