The Duke Diet 

The Duke Diet sells itself not as being a diet but a plan. The reason it does this is because diets are associated with yo-yo dieting. This is when you diet, and lose the weight, only to come off the diet and gain the weight.

It is a vicious cycle of losing followed by gaining. For this reason the Duke Diet wants to be regarded as a program because it has had success defeating yo-yo dieting. Are you tired of losing only to gain the weight back? Read further.

What makes the Duke Diet different?

The Duke program is multidimensional. It offers a quality eating and exercise plan along with a psychological/behavioral component. The behavioral component is unique to the Duke Diet and uses psychology to help you re-learn habits about eating. The program teaches you different ways to think about food. 

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A common problem addressed

The Duke Program offers effective strategies to help you combat what is know as diet fatigue or tiredness. It also has ways to keep you motivated. Early signs that your dieting may be slipping are brought to your attention. How to respond to these early cues effectively and promptly are taught. 

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The three angles of approach 

The three facets of the Duke Diet Program are the exercise plan, nutrition plan and behavioral plan. The nutrition is about all six-food groups, eating from each of them with specified servings of each group. Included in the book are the first four weeks worth of meals. 

The exercise routine is not about you sitting on the sofa, not moving. This is similar to leaving a car in the garage and never driving it. Eventually, the tires will deflates; paint will chip and other deteriorating things will happen, just as your body will breakdown without exercise. 

The behavioral aspect is about discouraging unhealthy habits that have set in over a lifetime. It is about teaching you new angles and approaches to food. What makes you function when it comes to your health is also given a new thought. 

What are reasonable expectations from this diet/program?

On average, a total weight loss of 1 to 1.5 percent of patients' body weight is seen per week. What is astounding, is that after a year, on average, patients have kept their weight loss or lost more weight. Quality of life was measured in patients and that was reported to be significantly better for 80 percent of the patients. Of course, the heavier you weigh at the beginning of the diet, the quicker the pounds will shed at the start of the diet. 

2 different meal plans to choose from 

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The diet offers two different meal plans based on your preference. If you enjoy carbohydrates and are willing to spare some dietary fats, than the Traditional Meal Plan may be a good choice for you. 

This meal option is similar to the plan that the Duke Diet & Fitness center has used successful for four decades of its history. Importantly, this meal option keeps you from feel food deprived. This meal plan can help you avoid those awful cravings we get from diets sometimes. 

The Moderate Carbohydrate Meal Plan is the second option and is a more recent option that is also popular. It is the result of modern research into dieting, specifically, the fact that lower carbohydrate diets have been effective in weight loss. The plan includes all food groups but is light on carbs. Some people have reported more satisfaction with hunger control that may be due to the higher protein amounts in this meal plan. 

What is fun about having two different options is the fact that over time following one kind of diet gets old or stale. Both plans are about equally effective in reducing fat. When you get tired of eating one way, try the other plan for a change in your palate. Users that have tried both diet venues have even experimented by making their own custom plan. Try both options! Which plan do you desire? 

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