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Eat to live and do just that, if you eat too much you are going to die from obesity. It will kill you and is a big predictor of your life span.

At the current rate by the year 2049 all adults in the United States will be overweight and obese.  Obesity is associated with a two-fold increase in death and costs society more than 100 billion per year.

Unfortunately, 95 percent of diets fail. Diets fail because the dieter puts back on the weight they lost. That’s why you should never call a diet simply a diet. A diet is a lifestyle change that is meant to be maintained for the rest of your life. You aren’t ever supposed to “come off your diet.” That is not the purpose of a diet. Typically, the weight for the average dieter comes back within 3 years. If you haven’t succeeded on a diet yet, I suggest the HCG diet because that is the diet I maintain and stay healthy with.

Additionally, with the HCG diet you maintain a reduced calorie diet, which has very promising results.

Eat to Live and increase your longevity

The protocol food consumption with the HCG diet for the average dieter is between 550 and 800 calories per day. Wait a minute, you might think that one couldn’t possibly eat that few calories especially with the way they are currently consuming.

That was my problem. When I started the HCG diet I ate about 3500-4500 calories every single day and knew I couldn’t eat 550 to 800 calories per day.

Then I read into the HCG diet. I found that the injections would significantly decrease my appetite to the point that I could willingly have the capacity to choose and eat less. That wasn’t ever possible until I went onto HCG. It was and is amazing what it can do for you. I suggest you try HCG. To do so, go here and read up.  

What’s also important is that when you eat on the HCG diet or when you restrict calories you live longer. The research shows that mice, insects, fish, cats and dogs all live longer when their daily food consumption is restricted. Research has also shown the same thing happens in primates (i.e. yourself).

High-nutrient, low-calorie eating or caloric restriction results in substantial increases in life span and the prevention of chronic illnesses. Benefits seen are:

· Resistance to experimentally induced cancers.

· Protection from spontaneous and genetically predisposed cancers

· A delay in the onset of late-life diseases

· Non-appearance of atherosclerosis and diabetes

· Lower cholesterol and triglycerides and increased HDL

· Improved insulin sensitivity

· Enhancement of the energy-conservation mechanism, including reduce body temperature

· Reduction in oxidative stress

· Reduction in parameters of cellular aging, including cellular congestion

· Enhancement of cellular repair mechanisms, including DNA repair enzymes

· Reduction in inflammatory response and immune cell proliferation

· Improved defenses against environmental stresses

· Suppression of the genetic alterations associated with aging

· Protection of genes associated with removal of oxygen radicals

· Inhibited production of metabolites that are potent cross-linking agents.

Additionally, longevity research has also shown that fat and protein restriction have another effect on lengthening the life span. Protein and fat intake promote hormone production, speed up reproductive readiness and other indicators of aging and promote the growth of certain tumors.

If you are interested in the science, note that specifically the protein increases production of insulin like growth factor 1 (IFG-1), which is linked to higher rates of prostate and breast cancer.

How can I eat to live?

The goal in eating to live is to fill up with what the scientific studies suggest you use. That means, avoid overeating on high-calorie foods and fill up on nutrient rich ones. High-calorie foods that don’t diminish your appetite are things like regular soda and all fruit juices.

When you eat nutrient rich foods, you trigger nutrient receptors in the gut which results in a reduced appetite. When you eat fibrous foods you trigger what are called stretch receptors in the stomach, which causes a reduction in appetite as well.

Fewer nutrients result in overeating to get needed nutrients that your body demands. Eating high-calorie foods that are low in fiber (the majority of American foods) also results in overeating because nothing substantial is happening scientifically within the body to decrease your appetite.

It is time to use science to your advantage by triggering the appetite reduction mechanisms within your body. Scientific studies have shown that what determines you’ll be overweight is whether or not you’ve failed to eat sufficient fiber in your diet.

I highly suggest you pick up a copy of “Eat to Live” today to receive a blueprint, motivation and inspiration to get you on track to eating better. You’ll learn all about what foods are off-limits and what foods you should eat.

You’ll hear about inspirational people that have lost plenty of pounds while following the Author Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live.” There are 314 pages and recipes to taste.

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