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"Hi, my name is Joe Kimbro and I'm all about getting ahead using the most effective technological and sophisticated means available."

I am hungry to improve my effectiveness around the clock day in and day out. That's why I jump at the opportunity to use cutting-edge research to help me get ahead in life.

Ever since I found the Law of Attraction, I've been making strides. I've been finding new and better ways to personally develop myself and others at the same time.

I want myself to have the best resources and I want you to have the best resources as well, that is important to me. 

Being a student for most of my life I’ve seen others that have the headphones from their mp3 player or laptop computer in their ears. I’ve tried this but found it wasn’t for me because it was just too darn hard to concentrate. 

 I heard via word of mouth that those that listen while they are studying are usually the geniuses that need the extra stimulation to keep themselves fresh with their studies.

I noticed in particular, my friend that is a genius would actually periodically hit pause on his mp3 player when he came across something significant to assimilate. 

Now, there is something better. It is pure butter, there is no need for a pause button because all the custom music tracks have been edited. 

The distracting instrumentals and lyrics have been removed from the sound tracks to facilitate the music entering your ears and actually increasing concentration and focus.

It is called Focus@will and is backed by science and reports. In addition, Founder and CEO Will Henshall is no stranger to music. Henshall wrote hit songs as a song writer as the lead singer for the band Londonbeat. Henshall is still focused on music and is bringing to the table a product not to be taken lightly.

Bill Harris founder of Holosync backs Henshall’s invention. Bill found that his focus was increased while listening to the music tracks found on Focus@will.

According to Henshall not everyone is receptive to the benefits. Two-thirds of people will benefit and one-third will not notice any benefits at all; however, one-third will find immense benefits.

People receiving great benefits have written Founder Henshall thanking him for his encouraging music sound tracks, reassuring him that he has a good product on his hands. 

What’s great is that you get to test Focus@will for 15 days to see if you are one of the lucky ones that benefits from it. Also cool, is that you don’t need a credit card to start the trial. 

If you can’t live without it, or you enjoy it and it's working, the charge of a simple and easy $11.83 is a small fee billed monthly. There is also a yearly plan priced at $99.95, a two year plan priced at $149.95 and A VIP package for $299.95. The VIP package includes lifetime access, concierge helpline and early access to new features.

Personally, I fell into the one-third of people that don’t derive benefit from Focus@will. I found myself wanting to dance to the music which was completely and utterly unacceptable while trying to be productive.

However, you may be the one-third that writes the Founder and tells him about how amazing his product is. With a free trial without credit card offer you might as well test this new neuroscience based technology. Why wouldn’t you? I think you’ll know right away if it is for you or not.

If you want to see the Founder and Bill Harris talk about the product itself please watch this interesting interview between the two.

Included in the product is a simple timer that counts down from 100 minutes, indicating a possible time to take a break. Also included is a productivity counter. 

After each session you rate how effective it was from a scale of 0-100%. Then a graph is available showing you how effective you rated your past sessions with Focus@will.

Some of the available 22 channels are “Classical, Focus Spa, Up Tempo, Alpha Chill, Classical Piano, Acoustical, Cinematic, Ambient, Water etc.” 

One interesting channel in particular that may help a lot of people is the ADHD channel. It also works for those with ADD. It was developed with neuroscientists, of which UCLA Professor of Psychology Dr. Stephen Sideroff and ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell partook in creating. Dr. Ned. Hallowell is also a best selling author. 

"Here are the benefits of Focus@will that you are going to discover if your just right for it...(a two-thirds chance)" 

  • Under experimental conditions, the channels of Focus@will where found to increase beta and theta wave frequencies while listening by 11-12% according to the white paper. 
  • Benefits occur when the limbic system which is involved with the flight or fight responses is calmed preventing distractions from occurring. (To do this, the lyrics and instruments such as the saxophone have been removed from the sound tracks). 
  • It has been discovered that people can focus up to 400% better while listening to the sound tracks and working at the same time. Remember the geniuses with earphones in place? 

"Hey, you don't even have to believe me. Listen to what customers have to say..." 

Ben Nowell @NowellBen: My secret weapon to concentrate at work! Perfectly paced music from Focus@Will. Thx to @Berci for sharing. 

Faye Kirwin @writerology: It's basically a music player with tracks specially designed to improve concentration. A lifesaver during uni(versity)!!

Moski Doski @Moski_Doski: I thought Focus@will would just be duplicating something I could get out of Spotify, but I actually REALLY REALLY like it a lot. 

The chances are in your favor that you grow with increased productivity and win. 

Now, I want you to click the link below to start your free trial, you have nothing to lose. There is also a iron-clad 30 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied within 30 days of buying a subscription, contact customer support for a full 100% refund.

>>Try risk-free Focus@will now<<

P.S. The offer is for 22 channels of focus and productivity enhancing music streamed to you. Payment options are as follows: $11.83 per month, $99.95 for a year, $149.95 for 2 years and $299.95 for VIP lifetime access. The VIP package includes concierge helpline and early access to new features. Remember, no credit card is needed to sign up for the free trial!

P.S. #2 I doubt this will be the case, but please note, this is not for you if this is going to cause you to take food off the table. If the investment in this is going to cause you substantial financial hardship or you are really adverse to subscription based services, we don't want you to get it.

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