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A blonde haired bodybuilder doing reverse wrist curls with a barbellReverse Writ Curls With Barbell

Purpose: To develop the outside (extensor muscles) of the forearms. 

Execution: 1) Grasp a barbell with an over-hand grip, hands about 10 inches apart. Lay your forearms on top of your thighs or across a preacher bench so that they are parallel to the floor and your wrists and hands are free and unsupported. Bend your wrists forward and lower the bar as far as you can. 2) Then bring the wrists back up and lift the bar as far as possible, trying not to let the forearms move during the exercise. 

Schwarzenegger sitting on the end of a bench with forearms rested on his thighs, curling upwards dumbbells with his wristsReverse Wrist Curls With Dumbbells

Reverse Curls work the forearm extensors. Using dumbbells, you ensure that each side of the body will work up to its own capacity, with no help from the other. 

Blonde bodybuilder with overhand grip on barbell in front of him, curling the bar upwards towards his chestReverse Barbell Curls

Purpose: To develop the biceps, the forearm extensors, and the brachio radialis. 

Execution: 1) Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip, hands about shoulder width apart. Let the bar hang down at arm's length in front of you. 2) Keeping your elbows fixed in position at your sides, curl the bar upward, beginning the movement with a curling motion of the wrist. 3) Bring the bar up to a position just under the chin, contract the biceps as fully as possible on top, then lower the weight slowly back down to starting position. 

Blonde bodybuilder at a preacher bench with a barbell grasped with an overhand gripReverse Preacher Bench Barbell Curls

Purpose: To develop the biceps and forearm extensors. 

Execution: 1) Position yourself with your arms extended over a preacher bench. Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip, hands about shoulder width apart. Let the bar hang so that your arms are fully extended. 2) Curl the bar upward, beginning the movement with a curling motion of the wrist, and bring it up as far as possible toward your chin. Your position on the bench should be such that, at the top of the movement, your forearms have not come up completely to a perpendicular angle. From the top of the movement, lower the weight slowly back down to the starting position. 

Bodybuilder sitting at a reverse curls machine getting ready to do a repReverse Curls Machine

Purpose: To develop the forearm extensors. This movement works the forearm muscles all the way to their origin at the elbow. In addition to flexing the wrist, you lift the forearm. Although machines are designed with limited functions, a little thought and imagination will allow you to get the maximum benefit from their use. By reversing your grip on the Curl machine, you can perform very strict Reverse Curls.

Execution: 1) Grasp the handle on a Curl machine in an overhand grip. Place your elbows firmly on the pad. 2) Starting at full extension, lift the handle up and toward your head as far as it will go. Lower the weight again slowly and under control until you have returned to a position of full extension. 

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