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Book #1 "What to NEVER Eat After You Workout" 

  • Why your workouts just might be complete waste of time
  • A research proven ratio of nutrients your body craves as soon as you stop exercising
  • How your body is literally being robbed of the results you are working so hard to attain
  • The stone-cold truth about the consequences your body suffers through by fueling it incorrectly
  • And, of course, exactly what to NEVER eat after you workout
  • Plus much, much more...
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Book #2 "What They NEVER Want You To Know About DIET PILLS" 

  • A "miracle" appetite suppressant that took the internet by storm and fooled millions of people worldwide
  • Whether or not you should trust a product claiming to be "ephedra free"
  • The surprising truth about "carb-blockers" (Can you really eat all the carbs you want and still lose weight?)
  • Marketing tactics unscrupulous corporations are using to pry open your wallet without you even realizing it
  • Powerful research on new fat burning ingredients that show startling promise for real world weight loss
  • And much more!
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Book #3 "What Your Doctor NEVER Told You About Fish Oil" 

  • How some fish oils may be elevating levels of oxidative stress in your body and increasing your risk for advanced aging and disease!
  • A fish oil related neurotoxin which can cause irreversible brain damage
  • The disturbing truth about the fish finding their way into YOUR supplements (we bet you didn't realize this)
  • How to detect and avoid rancid fish oil containing incredibly dangerous lipid peroxides
  • The mega-powerful carotenoid found in the best sources of essential fatty acids - but probably not YOUR bottle of fish oil!
  • The real environmental impact fish harvesting is having on eco-systems.
  • And much MORE!
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Book #4 "51 Quick and Delicious Recipes Using Protein Powder"

  • Chewy "No Bake" Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies that are just 92 calories... p.1
  • Guilt-Free French Toast with just 106 calories (perfect for a quick, healthy breakfast!)... p.23
  • Yummy Vanilla Cake packed with a body-sculpting 35 grams of protein... p.4
  • Velvety Orange mousse packed with an incredible 42 grams of protein... p.14
  • Sinfully delicious Chocolate Cherry Parfait with just 1 gram of fat and 31 grams of protein? Yes!... p.16
  • The Famous 65 calorie Decadent Chocolate-Covered Coconut Truffles.... p.17
  • Go back to your childhood with our comforting Ice Cream Sandwich - but the "healthy" version crammed with 34g of protein and only 3g of fat... p.40
  • Ever heard of a hot fudge topping for your ice cream with 28 grams of protein? Well now you have!... p.51
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