Green coffee bean extract

Green coffee bean extract became popular in September of 2012 when Dr. Oz. touted the benefits of it to his audience. Other names of green coffee bean extract are: Arabica green coffee beans, café marchand, café verde, café vert, extrait de café vert, extrait de feve de café vert, feves de café vert, feves de café vert Arabica, green coffee powder, poudre de café vert, raw coffee, raw coffee extract, robusta green coffee beans.

Dr. Oz. even tested the coffee on his followers of 100 women for two weeks at a dose of 400 milligrams. The people that took the coffee lost 2 pounds and those that took a placebo pill lost one pound.

Besides weight loss, people use green coffee for type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, inflammation and bacterial infections.

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Safety of green coffee bean extract 

A green coffee bean extract product known as Svetol made by Naturex have been taken in doses up to 200 mg daily safely for up to 12 weeks during clinical research. Another green coffee bean extract known as GCA from Applied Food Sciences has been taken safely in doses of 700 mg daily or 1050 mg daily during a clinical study lasting 6 weeks. 

A chlorogenic acid supplement removed from green coffee in a dose of 140 mg daily has also been used with safety. Beyond these durations, the safety of green coffee bean extract has not been reported as scientific evidence.

When the green coffee is inhaled it has induced airway constriction, do not inhale it.  If you are pregnant or lactating, it is recommended that you avoid using the product.

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There are a couple of clinical trials that have shown that green coffee extract can significantly reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension. In one of these trials, Svetol made by Naturex, specifically that formulation or one with Svetol in it at 93 mg daily or 185 mg daily reduced systolic (the top number) and diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) compared to placebo after 28 days of treatment in patients with mild hypertension. Svetol reduced systolic blood pressure by 5-6 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 3-4 mmHg in these patients.

A few clinical trials have shown that taking green coffee extract might modestly reduce weight. People taking Svetol by Naturex 80-200 mg daily appear to have lost an average of 2.5 kg more than those taking placebo. Another study with GCA made by Applied Food Sciences at 700mg daily or 1050mg daily, lost on average 1.5-2 kg over a six-week period. It should be noted that these were preliminary studies and they were not of the best quality.

This last study with the GCA lasted a total of 22 weeks in which the subjects lost about 8 kilograms or ~17 pounds in 5.5 months. That is a total of 3.3 pounds a month without any changes in your diet. The green coffee extract is a potent source of caffeine. I see it like this, in exchange for the shakes, you’ll lose 3.3 pounds a month without a change in your diet. That’s also going to cost you a price of $25.00 a month depending on the maker of the Svetol.  $25.00 a month is quite inexpensive if you ask me.

An interesting study showed that CGA, known as chlorogenic acids that are a major component of coffee beans have a positive benefit in the liberation of fatty acids from adipose (Fat) tissue. Caffeine was suspected as the cause of fatty acid release from fat tissue but upon further analysis it was shown that CGA in green coffee bean extract is the actual cause of the fatty acid liberation.

This is interesting because a lot of fat burners contain primarily caffeine as the ingredient that burns fat. This study shows that caffeine is not doing much to burn fat except in theory it gives you energy to workout longer and harder but by itself is not liberating fat cells. This is what’s called the green coffee bean’s mechanism of action for weight loss.

Unfortunately, Svetol made by Naturex isn’t available on Amazon; however, there are other manufacturers making “Svetol” which is the active ingredient and which is approved from the website,, a source by Naturex. 

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One recommended legit source is Svetol Green Coffee Extract from Re-body. It costs only $5.50 for a thirty day supply. Make sure to take 2 pills a day for a total of 400mg a day.

Dr. Oz also mentioned Svetol as the right source of green coffee bean extract. 


Green coffee bean extract has been popular for a few years now. It began in 2012 with Dr. Oz reviewing and testing the product on his followers. It was found to lower weight above a placebo in his test and in a couple other clinical trials.

The trials contained very few individuals, which raises a flag. Typically, solid clinical research proving a claim of weight loss should be done with many participants, hopefully, above 1000 people before a conclusion can be drawn about that product; however, this doesn’t stop Dr. Oz or marketers from touting the benefits from the product despite what they may have learned in school about properly done clinical trials.

You can’t generalize what is effective in 19 people to the millions of people in the public, it just doesn’t work that way; however, the product may very well and may be effective. I just wouldn’t be shocked if the product didn’t work for you.

I am personally going to try specifically, Svetol from Re-body before I decide whether I think it works or not. I’m just hoping for the best because if it does what it has done in very few people, I may just be happy with the product. It doesn’t cost a lot to try either. A one-month supply is less than $10.00.  If it affects my quality of life by making me too shaky, I’ll just have to pass it up.


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