Green Tea Dietary Supplement: 10 Reasons to Take It, 0 Reasons Not to

The Green Tea Dietary Supplement is great and tastes great with sushi, but it’s also an excellent natural weight loss supplement that’s filled with powerful antioxidants and other nutrients that have beneficial health-promoting effects. These benefits include weight loss, a reduction in cancer risks, improved brain function and more. Green tea also contains a fair amount of caffeine, which is helpful in getting you going in the morning, but doesn’t have the negative impact on cholesterol that is associated with coffee.

The most common way to consume green tea is in the form of a beverage made with green tea leaves and hot water. Not everyone enjoys drinking it this way, and many people dilute their green tea with sugar and creamer, which go some distance to counteract the positive benefits.

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Green Tea Dietary Supplement

The good news for those who do not wish to drink their green tea is that research has shown the active ingredient, EGCG, taken in the form of a tablet or capsule, is just as effective in promoting good health as drinking it.

The daily recommended allowance for EGCG is 500 mg for every 110 pounds of body mass. So if you weigh between 100 and 150 pounds, roughly 600 mg would be an adequate serving. It’s practically impossible to overdose on EGCG, so any of the risks normally associated with caffeine are very slight.

The Benefits of Daily Green Tea

1. Green tea is full of bioactive compounds that complement normal vitamins and nutrients.

2. Green tea has less caffeine than coffee, but enough to satisfy caffeine lovers. It also has L-theanine, an amino acid that can work with caffeine synergistically to boost brain power!

3. It's been shown to boost metabolic rates and accelerate fat burning. It is especially good at reducing abdominal fat, the most dangerous and the least welcome kind of body fat.

4. Potent antioxidants in green tea are associated with a decreased risk for common cancer types.

5. Bioactive nutrients in green tea have a protective effect on the tissues of the brain and may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

6. Green tea contains catechins, which inhibit the growth of bacteria and certain viruses. A green tea dietary supplement will lower the risk of infections, tooth decay, and bad breath.

7. Controlled trials have shown that green tea can reduce blood sugar levels, thereby lowering the risk of type II diabetes.

8. Green tea has been proven to reduce cholesterol and prevent cholesterol particles from oxidizing. Studies suggest that green tea drinkers are at a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, which remains a primary killer of people over the age of 50.

9. Green tea reduces the risk of death from these leading killers:

  • Heart disease: 31 percent lower risk for women; 22 percent lower risk for men
  • Stroke: 42 percent lower risk for women; 35 percent lower for men

10. Overall, the positive effects of a green tea dietary supplement, when taken regularly, add up to one thing: longer and healthier lives for those who consume it regularly in the long term.

For many health-conscious people, taking a daily dose of green tea is like an insurance policy that helps them ensure they have no gaps in their diet. In a modern world, in which even the most promising health-food labels can turn out to be misleading, green tea and green tea dietary supplements can help you stop guessing about your daily nutritional intake.

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