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Jorge Cruise of “Happy Hormones Slim Belly,” the author of many weight loss books and a few workout books explains that the weight loss industry has been misleading people. Most diets he explains are about “count calories, eat less and exercise more.”  

Jorge further explains that hormonal stages begin around age 40 for women and last until age 60. Weight loss is dependent on keeping insulin levels low by avoiding sugars and cutting carbs; however, for women, after age 40 there is more desire to eat carbs which creates a complex situation. Eating carbs is known to increase the neurotransmitter known as serotonin.

Serotonin is responsible for making you feel good, less anxious and less depressed. Depressed people have decreased levels of serotonin and take serotonin reuptake inhibitors to increase serotonin levels. Serotonin also moderates mood, appetite, cravings, and impulse control. This need for serotonin after age 40 is due to decreased serotonin levels.  

The decreased serotonin levels for women causes extreme carb and sugar cravings but by eating that, they become overweight and obese. Jorge Cruises’ solution to the carbohydrate and neurotransmitter problem is to fix a broken metabolism and to lose weight long-term by what is known as Women’s Carb Cycling. This method, distinguished by science will reset your insulin sensitivity, keep you slim, while promoting serotonin levels, that keep you happy, energized and craving free. Through carb cycling according to Cruise, you can lose up to 7 pounds the first week and 2 pounds weekly-guaranteed!

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Sugar Calories 

The name of the game according to Jorge Cruise is sugar calories. Sugar calories are defined as any carbohydrate in food (including all sugars). According to Jorge’s experiences, 100 sugar calories per day maximum provides the greatest amount of weight loss without the negative side effects of slashing carbs. Popular diets such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem can unfortunately count on as many as 650 to more than 900 sugar calories per day. That spikes insulin quite a bit and leads to weight gain. 

After taking in large amounts of sugar calories you can be certain that your body will produce fat and cling onto stubborn fat without satisfying hunger. With Cruises’ plan you’ll consume your total calories similar to the more popular plans but you’ll be limiting your sugar calories. With this approach, while cycling carbs, you won’t be disappointed or hungry, weak, deprived and fat. Instead you should feel energized, happy and completely satisfied.

Carb Cycling 

When carb cycling you will eat two days in a row called slim days. These days have a total of zero sugar calories, which is quite amazing. One carbohydrate is equal to four sugar calories. Just take your carbohydrates and multiply by four to get the total sugar calories.

In the book “Happy Hormones Slim Belly” Jorge Cruise has outlined your meals for the first four weeks. That includes slim days (zero sugar calorie days) and happy days. The happy days are the other 5 days out of the week following the two slim days. During happy days you’ll eat up to 500 sugar calories for five days in a row. The happy days are meant to keep your serotonin levels topped off which will eliminate cravings, overeating and negative moods.

An elder woman sitting on the beach and she appears very happy with a big smile on her face


I’m skeptical of Jorge Cruises’ plan to keep your serotonin levels stacked. He hasn’t provided any research that proves that 500 sugar calories or 125 grams a day of carbohydrates is enough to keep serotonin levels at a sufficient level to keep me happy.

I know from experience that serotonin levels increase further after 125 grams of carbohydrates. How do I know that 125 carbs is enough? I know when I eat 300 grams of carbs a day, I’m smiling quite a bit but 125 aren’t much if you ask me.

I definitely know that everyone’s genes are different and I believe some people release more serotonin or less serotonin to different amounts of carbs. Some people may be quite resistant to serotonin release from a carb to carb basis than neighbor Jessica that only needs 50 carbs a day to keep depression at bay? See what I mean? What scientific study says 125 carbs is optimal? What studying has he himself done or surveys of people has he done on people that point to 125 carbs per day? He provides references which you can study. The references are at the end of the webpage, they were provided in his books as scientific citations for his diet protocol. 

Jorge Cruise does provide three references to clinical studies. One of the studies states that intermittent fasting increases insulin sensitivity. Intermittent fasting means you are going without any calories what-so-ever for a certain period of time. I see that for the zero sugar calorie days there is still consumption of food, which isn’t technically a “fast.”

The second reference from Jorge Cruise says that restricting carbs for two days a week increases insulin levels by 22% and helps women lose twice as much weight as those who diet every day of the week. Now this study sounds a lot more applicable because that is exactly what the plan is, to cut carbs for two days a week.

Ironically, insulin increases by 22% but in his book, Jorge states that insulin is directly responsible for the production of fat, the clinging on of fat and the storage of fat yet a 22% increase in insulin is effective in “women losing twice as much weight as those who diet every day of the week.” That’s quite impressive if you ask me, despite the increase in insulin, there is still a large decrease in weight loss. The 22% increase in insulin probably doesn’t offset the benefit of going two full-days without carbs, which is extremely difficult to do. Thanks to Jorge Cruise, he provides a meal plan in his book for two full days each of four weeks of eating without consuming any sugar calories.

The third references states: “Intermittent fasting reduces blood pressure and increases insulin sensitivity. Cellular and molecular effects of intermittent fasting on the cardiovascular system and the brain are similar to those of regular physical exercise.” I think this sounds good but once again the diet plan for the two slim days does not call for fasting. Food is still to be consumed during breakfast, lunch, dinner along with two snacks and a treat for dinner. How is that study relevant to what Jorge Cruise has planned for us? Study the diet below in the collapse element, provided is the foods for the two slim days of week . 

The vegetable zucchini, three of them on a wood cutting board


Sauteed Vegetable Frittata & Coffee with half-and-half, 0 sugar calories

10 almonds, 0 sugar calories

Chicken Caprese Stacks, 0 sugar calories

1 string-cheese stick, 0 sugar calories

Zucchini Boats, 0 sugar calories

Sweet Skinny Waffle, 0 sugar calories


Cinnamon-Nut Cottage Cheese & Coffee with half-and-half

1/4 cup sunflower seeds, 0 sugar calories

Dijon Salmon, 0 sugar calories

1 hard-boiled egg, 0 sugar calories

Steak Kebab, 0 sugar calories

Sweet Skinny Waffle, 0 sugar calories

For the above Happy Hormone Slim Belly Recipes, see here.


Happy Hormones Slim Belly is from Jorge Cruise an author of quite a few diet books and workout books. He found a clinical study that showed via the benefit of cutting calories for two days a week. Unfortunately and to my dismay, the main study that Jorge cited as the source for his theory on carb cutting for two days in a row is not related to the bold title he printed right above the study. Jorge states “Restricting carbs for two days a week increases insulin levels by 22% and helps women lose twice as much weight as those who diet every day of the week.” He then points right underneath that title I just mentioned to a clinical study.

I looked up the clinical study, and having a background in science, I can interpret it correctly. The study did not study carb restriction. The study found that when you cut calories by 25% for two days a week, you get the same weight loss that you would get if you cut calories seven days a week. This is quite a remarkable study if you ask me. I only need to cut my calories two days a week instead of all seven for the same benefit? Thank goodness this happened, right? That sounds like a good deal but Jorge is stating that by cutting carbs two days a week you lose twice as much weight as those who diet everyday of the week, but Jorge has no proof that this has ever been clinically proven, instead his proof that he points to says something completely different.

What does that mean? Well, it sure looks like he is mis-representing what he is stating in his book, I’m a bit upset about it and want an explanation. Where is his study, or where is his proof that what he suggests we practice is a proven scientific finding?  In fact, in the introduction of the book, Jorge states that his findings have scientific backing.  I don’t know where Jorge learned to cite scientific evidence but he sure doesn’t have an academic background with this atrocious example of misrepresentation.

I feel if I pay for something that is going to tell me how to do something different in my life such as eating differently, there should be evidence and proof that this new lifestyle I’m going to adopt indeed has worked on people in the past. Jorge, comes up short by not providing proof or scientific merit to his teaching. I sure don’t like it but if you believe in Jorge, you are welcome to try his diet, it just might work, just know that he can’t prove to you that it does work.

Perhaps he has already tried this experimental diet with some of his clients that he serves but didn’t explain any of those findings in his book.  Just because someone doesn’t have a clinical study supporting his diet doesn’t mean that he hasn’t tested it out on many people, having found success in many of them, right? My only problem is that he cited something that doesn’t support what he states, which marks him as quite questionable if you ask me.

He may just have derived his diet plan and discovered his diet plan from the fact that intermittent caloric restriction results in the same weight loss as continuous caloric restriction. That derivation is quite a few steps away from what the clinical study found.

If you want to try George's diet and have access to all the recipes and other insights, you can get Happy Hormones Slim Belly here from Amazon.com.

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