The HCG 500 Calorie Diet Explained

The HCG diet is a very effective diet that will take you to new heights in your dieting. It is not uncommon for someone to lose 1 to 2 pounds a day as a man and from 0.5 to 1 pound a day as a woman. It is a miracle. 

The HCG hormone which is isolated from pregnant women, when injected or when used sublingually enables you to eat a lot fewer calories. In fact, after the hormone levels build up in your blood stream (on day 3), you'll be able to eat as few as 500 calories a day and not desire more food! I couldn't believe when I first went on the HCG diet, I was eating 2500-3500 calories a day because I was so hungry. That changed after I got onto HCG.

Since it allows you to eat as few as 500 calories a day, can you imagine how much weight you'll lose!? Exactly, I lost 35 pounds on two separate occasions when using HCG in one month, no one could believe how rapid the weight came off. 

In has been argued that HCG does nothing to cause fat loss, for example, if one group of study participants ate 500 calories a day, and the other group ate 500 calories a day but also used HCG, they argued, there would be no difference in weight loss shown between the two groups of participants. Basically, saying that HCG doesn't cause any additional weight lost beyond what would be seen with a 500 calorie diet alone. 

That isn't true, it has been proven in this scientific study "Effect of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) on weight loss, hunger, and feeling of well being." Conducted by Asher that female participants that used HCG with a 500 calorie diet lost on average 19.96 pounds while females on a 500 calorie diet without HCG lost only 11.05, a significant finding.

In addition, participants that used HCG reported a higher quality of life than the participants without HCG. There you have it, bam, scientific proof of HCG's amazing effectiveness. A total of 40 females partook in the study.  

Another significant benefit of HCG is tough to believe. HCG actually preserves muscle tissue when your losing weight. That means less muscle is lost per pound of weight loss than fat. This is why it is a staple in the bodybuilding community. Bodybuilders have been using HCG for decades during their pre-contest competition.

Bodybuilders use it to keep as much of their muscle as they can while they loss the fat, making them look better on stage. It is the bodybuilders that have been keeping HCG a secret for so long. Not one bodybuilder goes without HCG before a contest. 

With a greater ratio of muscle to fat, you have a higher metabolism because muscle burns fat. You want to keep as much of the muscle as you can while you loss the unsightly fat from your gut or hips. This preservation of muscle and accelerated loss of weight during dieting cannot be matched by any other diet currently out there. 

Is the HCG 500 calorie diet safe? 

There have been some reports of side effects. Personally, the only side effect I've noticed from my usage was a little constipation and that's because I didn't eat enough fresh fruit. You eat 500 calories a day, so you need to be really careful what you pick out to eat, you'll need fiber. You can't eat anything that has fat in it while on 500 calories. Deviating from the HCG diet protocols can result in disaster. If you do get constipation you can take a laxative or even fiber rich pills they sell at the pharmacy.

An alternative, comprehensive HCG diet plan I learned from a special HCG clinic is here. I highly suggest you follow the advice, it was very effective for me. It isn't exactly 500 calories, I think it is more around 700 depending on your current body weight. 

The most common side effect known are headaches. These occur during the first week when your body is adjusting to the HCG in your blood stream. 

Sometimes, as a result of eating 500 calories a day, your blood sugar can get really low and you'll feel dizzy as a result. It is typically quite mild and doesn't last for much longer than a minute. If you have a particular problem with this, you can buy glucose tablets at the pharmacy. When you feel dizzy, pop 2 or 3 glucose tablets and that should raise your blood sugar without taking in too many calories. 

Some people get leg cramps from a lack of potassium while on the HCG diet. That's why It is recommended that you take a multivitamin daily while on the HCG diet, otherwise it is difficult to get your recommended daily allowance of minerals and vitamins every day. I suggest Centrum.

A side effect that doesn't happen too often are rashes. As your body reduces in size, there are toxins stored in your fat. When the fat is broken down and metabolized, the toxins stored in your fat tissue are released into your blood stream. Too many of these toxins can then result in a skin rash. Drink plenty of water to flush your system daily. 

If the rash doesn't go away, or if you have a persistent headache,  see a Doctor if it's out of the ordinary. Never forget your good judgment about when it's time to see a Doctor. The diet is not for children, breast feeding women, or anyone with a preexisting medical condition. If you are diabetic, tell the telemedicine doctor your condition. Always let the doctor know all your existing conditions. 

With the HCG diet how does it work?

While on HCG, hunger is prevented by the effect of HCG on the hypothalamus in the brain. When HCG is absent, the hypothalamus signals the body to burn fat and lean muscle tissue. 

At some point, the body reaches a upper limit in which it can no longer burn fat and lean muscle. Upon usage, of HCG, you body will be instructed to burn more fat than what's typical. With enhanced fat burning abilities, HCG stands alone as a great way to decrease obesity. Even if you are overweight, you can still benefit from an HCG prescription. 

How do I follow the HCG Diet? How do I get started? 

There is a lot to beginning your first HCG injection. It is recommended that you get a prescription, a booklet and all your injection supplies from NewEdge Health where a qualified, licensed, trusted medical doctor will consult with you and decide if you are a good candidate for HCG.

You'll learn about how to do injections to your tummy. It is really easy and it is painless! The needle is short and you don't feel a thing. It's called a subcutaneous injection. 

If you are a bit intimated about the HCG injection, watch the video below of this woman demonstrating how easy a subcutaneous injection is. Also, note that she has lost 14 pounds in only 7 days. That's 2 pounds a day, more than the average weight loss. She is doing great, why couldn't you do the same? 

When you sign up with NewEdge Health you’ll get a kit that includes your prescription HCG, workbook, mixing supplies (it’s easy to mix), needles, swabs and simple instructions.

The workbook is fantastic and it outlines the entire HCG Diet Plan as well as mixing directions, injection directions and a diet planner, just to say the least. There is email support and also phone support if you have any questions.

There are a couple of kits available and they last depending on how much HCG you inject a day. Typically, you'll inject 150 IU (International Units is what IU stands for) of the vial. The vial of HCG has a total of 5000 IU. If you divide that by 150 IU you'll have a 30 day supply of HCG or a 1 month supply.

Larger people may get a prescription for 200 IU per day which will last you 25 days. There is also a 50+ Day Kit and that's what I've been taking. 

What they do not sell you at The NewEdge Health Center is a sharps container for the proper disposal of needles. You use a red sharps container to put your used needles in. That is the proper medical standard for disposing of needles. I have had people show up at the pharmacy with their used diabetic syringes, and ask if we will dispose of them, we will not.

The proper way is to leave your used needle into a puncture proof sharps container. Make sure you do not recap your needles. The container prevents the needles from sticking into anyone or any animal and it also prevents exposure to any blood borne pathogens. Here is a link to purchase a sharps container from amazon, and a picture to go along with it. 

A red container that is puncture proof with a white lid that allows syringes to be stored and disposed of safely

Once the container is full of your used syringes, you close the top and you can place it into the trash or a dumpster. You will also feel rest assured that you disposed of your syringes the proper way. 

With HCG it is difficult to know what to eat.. That is why I have a few recipes available that are HCG approved and very low calorie. Remember, any deviations from the strict guidelines of the HCG diet can be devastating. Here are some hcg diet meal plan items.

For an alternative diet plan, that is strict and all-inclusive, is the HCG diet plan (highly recommended). Note this way of eating has been tested in many individuals and is highly successful if you follow it as closely as possible. The plan came from a Weight Loss Clinic specialized in HCG.

The HCG diet plan has all the specific instructions on how to do your first month of HCG dieting. In the case that you reach a plateau during your journey, make sure to follow this HCG weight loss plateau protocol. 

Here is also a list of frequently asked questions regarding HCG, make sure to review this as well. 

Thank you and good luck, share your experiences here if you want. 

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