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The Power of Your Healing Cells: Talk to Them and They Heal

Your body, healing cells, organs all possess their own soul. Indigenous people for centuries have known of the immensely powerful connection that the spirit and body have with one another.

Although many of these techniques have lost to the pages of history, the concept of healing cells through meditation and spiritual progress remains. 

Your Mind on Meditation and Healing Cells

During meditation, you engage in a dialogue with your body and mind. Even when you sit in silence, you can feel each cell as it pulsates with life. Through meditation and other techniques, you can teach your body how to induce your healing cells. 

Often, chronic illness, pain and other medical conditions exist in your body and mind. For your body to heal, your mind has to recover as well. Healing cells, nerves and muscles start with the desire to get better and the commitment to follow through. 

With a regular meditation practice, you are able to train your mind to naturally traverse alpha and theta brain waves. This allows you to sharpen the communication with your body.

In essence, it would be like suddenly switching from sending smoke signals to talking in person. Your meditation practice allows you to develop a direct link with your body that lets you to begin healing cells and tissue. 

Gaining the Cooperation of Your Body 

Obviously, inducing healing cells is not quite as easy as it sounds. For this to be possible, you must get your body to cooperate. In the beginning, you should start by approaching your body with empathy and compassion.

All of the cells in your body experience a type of consciousness, so you must be understanding of what your cells need. 

When you are ready to meet your cells with empathy, you can begin the next step. Start to develop a relationship with your body that is based on trust and acceptance.

During mental conversations with your body, focus on positive affirmations and avoid negativity. You should let your body know that your ideal outcome is for your body and your mind to work together to get over the illness. 

Over time, the conversation between your body and mind will naturally shift. Allow this change to occur naturally. Spontaneous thoughts, words or feelings may come to mind, and it is fine to express these thoughts.

If you are able to greet your body with empathy, establish a positive conversation and allow the conversation to grow, you will be able to gradually begin healing cells. 

The Science Behind Healing Cells 

Your body is naturally designed to heal itself. When you get a cut, you do not have to tell your blood to go to the wound, coagulate and form skin. Your blood simply does this because it was naturally designed to do it.

Modern medicine often overlooks the innate healing powers of the body, and it is to the detriment to your health. Each cell in your body is capable of healing if you are willing to let it.

Although there are many different types of cells in your body, they all operate in a similar way. Nutrients come into the cell, waste goes out and the cells divide to create new cells. Normally, this happens without any problems. On occasion, the cells can go haywire and overproduce new cells.

These extra cells may multiply quickly and are known as cancer. Tumors and cancer are merely a sign that the cells have miscommunication and reproduced uncontrollably. Rather than slow down, the cells speed up and continue to divide. By changing your diet, light exposure, environment, mental state and environment, you can prevent this from happening. 

Beyond serious illnesses such as cancer, your cells will naturally oxidize over time due to the presence of free radicals in your body. Oxidative stress and free radicals are increased by exercise, tension or environmental pollutants.

Over time, this oxidation causes your cells to age and become damaged. If these cells are not corrected, the altered and damaged cells may start to spread as a tumor in your body. Fortunately, your body is able to deal with the problem without help for most of the time.

The presence of antioxidants in your diet like vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E actually combats oxidative stress and turns back the clock on your cells. 

Free radicals and cancer are two examples of the ways that your body is able to heal. By harnessing the natural power of your body and mind, you can achieve a healing potential that modern science is barely aware of. 

Real Intent, Attunement and Spontaneity 

Communicating with your body is not a new concept. The noted researcher, Cleve Backster spent nearly four decades studying biocommunication for the cells of humans, plants and animals.

According to Backster, the primary requirements for this communication to happen were real intent, attunement and spontaneity. 

Before he became famous for his biocommunication studies, Cleve Backster was sitting in his office in 1966. On the chilly February morning, he decided to connect some electrodes from a polygraph machine to the leaves of the Dracaena fragrans plant to see what would happen.

His idea was to send a surge of electrical activity through the plant, but he was not sure how to do it. The moment that he thought of this idea, the polygraph pen suddenly moved toward the top of the chart. 

Plants, to human knowledge, are not conscious, sentient creatures. At the same time, the only insight Backster could gather from this occurrence is that the plant was somehow able to sense his intention.

To test this again, he brought some matches to the desk. Every time he brought the matches close to the plant with the intention of burning the plant, it reacted and the polygraph pen shot upward. Once the matches were gone, the pen moved down again. 

Interestingly, Backster noted that the plant did not show any response when he only brought the matches out for pretend. Somehow, it seemed like the plant was able to sense when his intent was to actually hurt it and when he was just pretending. From this early discovery, Backster was inspired to research how human cells reacted to similar tests.

Early tests with white blood cells from donors showed that the white blood cells in the test tube reacted when the study participant was genuinely distressed. 

This and similar experiments led Backster to realize that cells are inextricably linked and can communicate with each other through some mechanism.

His ideas replicate information that Indian teachers have known for centuries. In ancient India, meditation was used to attune the mind and focus energy through clear intentions.

This allows the practitioner to experience a mind and body alliance that connects them to the universe at large. 

Modern quantum physics may be able to prove the interconnections between the mind, body and cells.

In the theory about quantum entanglement, scientists describe how two particles that have previously interacted will continue to act like they are connected.

Even when separated by miles, these two particles still reflect the movement and chances experienced by their partner. 

In a similar fashion, your intent to heal and your attunement with your body can alleviate many medical conditions. By consciously meditating on healing and allowing your body to carry out its task, you can ensure that you are able to be healthier without the constraints of your illness.

Each day, take time to engage in a dialogue with your body by sitting in meditation. Through consistent practice, you can unlock the key to healing your cells and recovering from an illness.

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