7 Effective Herbs and Supplements for High Blood Pressure

There are herbs and supplements for high blood pressure. When your blood pressure creeps up to unsafe levels, excess stress is placed on the walls of your arteries. Over time, high blood pressure can lead to the development of serious health conditions, including stroke, heart disease, and kidney damage.

When you notice a pattern of high blood pressure readings, it is important to take immediate action to reduce the risk of future complications. In an attempt to lower your readings, you can alter your lifestyle by reducing stress, improving your diet, and increasing exercise sessions. You may also see improvement by introducing the following effective herbs and supplements for high blood pressure into your daily routine.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is an important B vitamin that can reduce the chance of complications developing while you attempt to get your blood pressure levels under control. This vitamin helps protect the walls of your arteries by removing the potential harmful amino acid, homocysteine. The protective action of this supplement decreases your chance of stroke and heart attack while dealing with high blood pressure.

The structural format of folic acid drawn with a white marker onto a blue backgroundThe Chemical Structure of Folic Acid

Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant supplement that decreases free radicals circulating through your body. Without prompt removal, free radicals damage your cells and contribute to the development of serious health problems. After just a few months, this supplement may decrease your diastolic and systolic pressure levels by as much as 10 points each.

A picture of a heart wrapped in the words CoEnzymeQ10Heart Healthy

Blond Psyllium

The high fiber content of blond psyllium can help drop your blood pressure to healthy levels in a short period of time. The extra bulk in your digestive system prevents sodium absorption and increases insulin sensitivity, both of which have a positive impact on your cardiovascular health. This supplement works best when paired with high fiber foods, such as fresh, whole fruit and vegetables.

A picture of blond psyllium spilling out of the bag with the benefits numerated on the left hand column of the pictureHas numerous benefits


A magnesium deficiency can cause your blood pressure levels to spike. Therefore, adding a magnesium tablet to your herbs and supplements for high blood pressure can have a positive impact on your readings. This supplement also helps prevent complications from abnormal blood pressure readings until you can get your numbers under control.

The word magnesium written in big blue letters with lots of words relating to it written at different angles from the wordA magnesium deficiency can cause your blood pressure levels to spike


Cardamom has the ability to reduce blood pressure readings to near normal levels within just three months. Your pressure readings will likely start to decline within one month of adding this herb to your supplement routine. This herb works to lower blood pressure by providing your body with beneficial antioxidants and actively breaking down clots in your blood. 

A wooden bowl and scooper full of cardamomCardamom has the ability to reduce blood pressure readings to near normal levels within just three months


As an important part of the vital electrolytes your body needs, potassium works to balance the impact of sodium on your system. By minimizing the impact of sodium, potassium supplements help to decrease your high blood pressure readings over time. While supplementing with potassium, you may need to slightly increase your water intake to give your body the best concentration of electrolytes.


Calcium helps support your cardiovascular health by improving the function of your artery walls. When calcium remains at optimal levels, your blood vessels properly respond to the demands of your cardiovascular system by tightening and relaxing on cue. As your artery function improves, your blood pressure slowly decreases to a healthy level.

Obtaining Herbs and Supplements for High Blood Pressure

You can give each of the herbs and supplements for high blood pressure a two-week trial in an effort to find the one that lowers your readings the most. During the trial period, make sure to take your blood pressure at the same time each day and record the readings in a journal.

Try at least three different herbs and supplements for high blood pressure before selecting the best one. If you are unsure about the improvements, bring your journal to your doctor for assistance comparing the results.

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