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If You Read Nothing Else,  Read About The Holosync Experience! 

Mentally improve yourself more than traditional meditation can without the mindful, uncomfortable, deep breathing techniques. 

The beta, alpha, theta and delta waves of meditation improve health, slow aging, reduce stress and result in more happiness and inner peace. BUT traditional meditation is difficult with results and benefits accruing slowly. With Holosync sophistication and modern science, you can get the benefits much quicker and easier than traditional meditation practices can provide. 

Holosync uses sounds that induce brain wave patterns identical to those of Zen Monks or very well practiced meditators. The Monk meditators use a primitive meditation technique of using your breath to deep breath along with mindfulness techniques of refocusing your mind every time it wonders. 

The beauty of Holosync is that is works better and you can let your mind do whatever it wants. I typically use my mind to chat with my Creator or to say afformations. Mostly afformations are repeated during my meditation hour at night. 

You cannot afford to be without as much inspiration as possible...

I was also skeptical of Holosync when I started because it seemed too good to be true. The discomfort of deep breathing, I felt couldn’t possibly be synthetically mimicked through sound; however, after meditating with Holosync I noticed myself in a super-positive emotional state.

I also have noticed that inspirational thoughts and “ah-ha” moments reach me frequently causing me to pause Holosync to write them down. These very inspirational insights help improve my quality of life. The inspirations also came with traditional meditation but not as frequently and at a higher cost. 

Scientific evidence shines on...

Via analysis of 2 million users the most reported effect of Holosync is a dramatically lowered stress levels leading to a younger feeling, and healthy glow.

Cortisol is the major stress hormone and major age-accelerating hormone according to experts. Cortisol is also responsible for the storage of fat especially around the stomach. High levels of cortisol interferes with learning and memory. It is not good for your health.

In a study by Dr. Giampapa, Holosync users were found to have 43.77% increased levels of DHEA, 46.47% less cortisol and an increase of 97.7% of melatonin which is a powerful antioxidant, twice as strong as vitamin E. High levels of DHEA combat the bad effects from cortisol giving high levels of DHEA an anti-aging effect. 

Another Holosync study showed that Holosync users experienced a significant decrease in anxiety and increase in quality of life.

The Starter Pack

The Holosync Solution is the Awakening Prologue. It contains several powerful Holosync sound tracks, comprehensive support, huge package of introductory materials and unlimited personal accelerated results coaching. One sound track that I really enjoy is called Quietude.

While studying, reading or doing anything in which you want enhanced learning speed, increased creativity, increased focus you should use Quietude because it provides all those benefits in addition to making you overall more excited and focused on your tasks. It is quite amazing and studies report these effects due to the ability of Quietude to put you in the proper alpha and theta brainwave states. 

With Holosync also comes a book called “Thresholds of the Mind,” and if you look around on the website, another book (just pay shipping and handling) is available called “Super Awareness.” Both these books are about the power of Holosync.

By reading these books and understanding the science of Holosync via ancient philosophy you are making Holosync work better in your life by getting the background information about it. It’s worth investigating to get this added benefit to something that is already without further investigation, simply amazing. 

You can do the meditation lying down or sitting with headphones on but headphones must be used, no speakers. I prefer to lie down and do an hour every day just before falling asleep. It is important to use Holosync everyday without missing a day for your first 30 days so that new neural connections can be made. 30 straight days was found to be of high importance via a study done by NASA on astronauts (another story). 

It’s called Holosync because one of the many benefits of the meditation is the synchronization of your left hemisphere (the scientific, logical thinking part of your brain) to your right hemisphere (your creative, artistic side). Yes, that sounded far-fetched to me at first but it is legitimate.

What occurs in the days ensuing and while meditating with Holosync is the creation of new neural pathways that link  your left and right sides of your brain.

This has created in people what they refer to as genius. As a result of the brain synchronization, more inspirational and creative thoughts arise. This is exciting! Please sync my hemispheres so I can tap the creative intelligence of my subconscious mind.

According to science, not everyone is guaranteed to become a “genius” but there is more potential for brain functioning with your hemispheres in sync.

Tell me more...

The synchronization of the two hemispheres has 3 known benefits. 1) Pleasurable neurochemicals are released that slow aging and increase well-being. Endorphins are one of the hormones released. 2) “Whole-Brain Thinking” is increased and this is what I am referring to as the potential genius effect of Holosync. 3) You will begin to notice remarkable improvements in mental and emotional health and as a result, happiness increases.

The threshold of emotional stress that you can put up with before reacting rashly increases, allowing you to cope better with life. These 3 benefits generally occur after about 4-6 months of listening to the Awakening Prologue so make sure you stick with it and known that life-changing results are on the horizon.

This 4-6 month range is quicker than the amount of time it would take with traditional meditative practices which are simply, plain, boring and uncomfortable when compared to Holosync. 

Eventually your brain finishes creating the neural pathways linking left and right hemispheres of your brain. In this case, you then graduate or move onto a stronger level of Holosync.

Here, at Awakening Prologue Level I you’ll experience the same brain wave patterns at what’s called a lower carrier frequency. This will allow for a stronger Holosync leading to increase in mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

You may think, how can these synthetic noises altering my brain wave patterns be spiritual by any means, it is strictly science.

Trust me on this one, it is spiritual one way or another, it is approved to be spiritual and you’ll love it. Why practice primitive, slowly graduating meditation when neuroscience has found a 21st century technique to get your brain to a higher level of benefits quicker than traditional methods?

Just picture the Buddhist monks now wearing headphones and listening to Holosync to keep current with their faith. After finishing the Awaking Prologue you move onto awakening level I which lasts 6 months.

After this period you move onto Awaking level 2 in which the carrier frequency is again further lowered, increasing the stimulus to the brain.

This provides even further mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. Your snapping point, or threshold level to stress also further increases, making you even more of a powerful force.

There is years worth of practice so you don’t have to worry. After the initial Awaking Prologue there are a total of 12 levels each succeeding one another with lower carrier frequencies and subsequent benefits. This many levels can keep you busy for 20 years longer.

Afformations or Affirmations?

Beginning with Awakening level I (the level right after Awaking Prologue) silent affirmations can be added, chosen by you and recorded in your own voice.

Supposedly, the audiofonix technology used to deliver your silent affirmations bypasses your left brain filters. This leads to more connection between your affirmations and your highly important sub-conscious mind.

This is very important because without bypassing your left  hemisphere, affirmations are much less effective at reaching your sub-conscious mind where they take effect.

Further benefits are provided at Awakening Level I such as Bi-weekly Follow Up Support Letters (video, audio, written), unlimited telephone and email access to Accelerated Results Coaches and Periodic Special Reports.

Once you reach Awakening Level II you’ll receive the book “Managing Evolutionary Growth.”  which when read will provide further enhancement to your experience.

In a nutshell, you get the most significant and powerful meditation/brain-enhancing resource ever along with up-to-date expertise, follow up, and encouragement to make sure no stone or benefit is left untapped.

What's the catch you might wonder...

You will eventually come face-to-face with yourself with the hidden stuff that has kept you from being clear-minded, happy, peaceful and effective; however, with support and recognition you’ll be ready to handle these situations.

As you pass by these encounters you'll move onto a better quality of life by at least increasing your stress snapping threshold point.

The second hindrance is that you must use Holosync and that calls for our most precious entity, our time.

In the beginning, you start the first 14 days with 30 minutes daily listening to a CD with an mp3 on it called “dive,” or you can just buy the mp3s without getting the CDs. 

Then after the 14 days you’ll move onto 1 hour days with the addition of the sound track, immersion.” Some people, use the last hour of their day, normally spent falling asleep listening for an hour.

Overall, the guarantee is that you’ll wake up and function much more effectively and efficiently if you do the hour long meditation before falling to sleep. I have been experiencing this.

Since 1989, 2 million people in 193 countries have benefited safely from Holosync. Rumor has it, that Steve Jobs used Holosync daily while the owner of Apple.

Who approves of Holosync?

Holosync is endorsed by doctors, mental health specialists, naturopaths, therapists, personal growth leaders and even Zen masters.

Most people have been brought up to be skeptical especially with stuff that sounds too good to be true. That’s why Holosync offers a full one-year money iron-clad guarantee allowing you to give it a shot. If it isn’t for you, then there is no risk, simply return it.

"Hey you don't even have to believe me. Listen to what customers have to say..." 


"You have helped me find my joy again. I never experienced anything like this in all my years. Nothing even comes close to what these soundtracks have done for me." 

-Rene Gonzalez, Friendswood, Texas. 

"I was a true skeptic from the start but all that has changed...I am convinced that using the soundtracks has dramatically changed the way I related to life's opportunities and challenges. I can't believe how simple it is..." 

-Patti Koss, Studio City, CA.

"The program is excellent and I've used many different ones...your system has definitely given me the best results in the least time spent...I am glad, and grateful, to reap the fruits of your labor." 

-Bob Anderson, San Diego, CA. 

Here is what you get in detail: 

The beginning package or Awakening Prologue which is risk free includes several soundtracks plus other goodies.  

  • The Dive, Immersion and Introduction To Holosync tracks. (The Dive track is your foundation, the beginning of all your meditations) in addition you get,
  • The Quietude track which is the soundtrack you listen to that improves learning and interest dramatically. 
  • Making Change Easy sound track that makes it easier for you to make profound changes in your life. 
  • Super Longevity (2-soundtrack set) which I hear is really popular beginning with young men in their 60s but can be used at any age to increase and decrease important hormones related to aging. 
  • Thresholds of the Mind (book)- Labeled a personal growth book, I found to be very interesting and based upon scientific results and psychology. 
  • 7 Hours of Talks with Bill Harris (the owner) explaining Holosync in much more depth. 
  • Accelerated Results Coaching to help you through sticky points
  • Bi-weekly Follow Up Support Letters (in video, audio and written formats) and
  • A Special Report: The Science Behind Holosync and Other Neurotechnologies. 

The Awakening Prologue starter package can be yours for $179 if you want CDs of the material or just $159 if you do not mind MP3s. There is also an option to pay in 6 easy installments if that is what you prefer. 

Personally, I was happy about the price because if it does all this great stuff I do not expect it to be free because a philosophy knows that you get the value based upon the price you pay for it. Higher price, better value = better results.

This has been my experience and explains why some people get so little out of the Public School System vs. the much better College students that went to Private Schools.  

"Okay, here is what you need to do next and consider..."

If the soundtracks sound interesting to you and something you would benefit from greatly, as I have, then click this link here to purchase Holosync. As a result I understand I will become more effective, happier and powerful in life.

P.S. The offer is for the Awakening Prologue beginners set to Holosync which comes with all the sound tracks and background information to keep you busy for quite a while. When you are ready to advance, free coaches are available at a phone number plastered everywhere around the main site. 

P.S. #2. This is not for you unless you believe in the ability of neuroscience to mimic the ability to put you into a meditative state equal to someone that has been meditating for 30 years naturally. 

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