The Jorge Cruise Belly Fat Cure 

The Jorge Cruise Belly Fat Cure is about losing 4 to 9 lbs every week through a carb swap system.  This system is designed to never over-stimulate the production of insulin, a hormone that has been proven to facilitate the entry of fat into fat cells. Remember this, if you keep your insulin under control you cannot get fat!

Beautiful Healthy Me?

Research done at the University of Texas found that your waist circumference is the number one measure people use to gauge your attractiveness. The journal of Evolution and Human behavior also validated waist circumference as a measure of attractiveness. Increased belly fat according to research at the Pennsylvania State University found that the more abdominal fat you have the increased levels of daytime sleepiness and overall fatigue you experience. Another study confirmed this by finding that those with greater amounts of belly fat also felt tired and exhausted more than those with a healthy waistline.  This means as you lose belly fat you should also appear to be more awake, energetic and less fatigued.

If you reduce your belly fat you will also decrease internal inflammation that is occurring everyday. This inflammation isn't felt throughout the day but is occurring in obese individuals. That’s right, if you are carry a heavy load on your gut you are inducing inflammation via interleukin-6, a cellular signal that increases C-reactive protein. In the medical community, high levels of C-reactive protein are bad and are associated with increased risks of developing cancer including colon cancer, higher risks of diabetes, higher risks of hypertension and higher rates of cardiovascular disease.

Another outcome of chronic inflammation that results from a heavy gut is the damage your cells experience. This damage ages your tissues and organs and can result in more wrinkles! On the bright side, if you lose belly fat you can reverse all the previously mentioned effects of high belly fat. In addition, the New England Journal of Medicine found that belly fat was the most important determinant in living a long life without disease. Do you want to live to be in your seventies, eighties or nineties?

One study tracked the results of 350,000 Europeans for a total duration of 9 years. Those with the highest waist circumference had two times the risk of dying prematurely. But wait, that’s not all. Other conditions come from belly fat bulge such as chronic fatigue, sexual dysfunction, adrenal burnout, sleep apnea, premature aging and immune disorders.

What should I do now? 

According to Canadian research, the best way to measure your risk is to take your own waist circumference. To properly measure your waist, get a tape measure from somewhere (Amazon for example), and suck in your belly as much as you can. Then, make sure to measure your belly right at your belly button to get your measurement.

To prevent many health consequences women should strive to have a waist less than 35 inches and men should have a waist less than 40 inches. To find out your maximum ideal waist circumference, take your height in inches and divide by 2. I’m 5’11 or 71 inches, making my maximum ideal waist circumference 35 inches or one-half of 71. 

What else can I do? Make sure to pick up The Belly Fat Cure, a New York Times Bestseller. Then, learn the Jorge Cruise Carb-Swap-System and lose 4 to 9 lbs every week. You can do that! 

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