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Fresh juices are a healthy way of detoxification. Fresh juice contains many healthy ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, natural antibiotics, beneficial nutrients, anti-inflammatories, and even enzymes that vastly improve digestion and flush the intestinal tract.

So juice not only tastes really good but it also has many beneficial affects on our body. Can you imagine trying to live a period of time on nothing except juice? Why should we not drink plenty of juice if it tastes great and is good for us?

Yes, but do we have to fast with juice? Do we have to go on with nothing but juice for a short period of time?

Three different juices standing in glasses one next to another, one of the juices is orange juice the other is green and one looks to be watermelon or strawberry juiceJuice Fast


We accumulate toxins everyday from the food we eat (additives, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides), from the water we drink and from the polluted air we inhale. Our body naturally eliminates these toxins on a daily basis. The leader of detoxification within the body is the liver.

The large intestine is also important to the elimination of toxins; however, if the large intestine gets over burdened with plenty of waste and too many toxins, it may backup and malfunction. When it backups, toxins instead of being eliminated are reabsorbed back to the poor, overworked liver.  

To prevent backing up the large intestine, we can give the intestine a break by doing a juice fast which allows it to work more efficiency. Giving the intestine a break is one of the theories about the effectiveness of a juice fast.

The kidney is another source of toxin elimination and by drinking a lot of fresh juice and at least 48 ounces of water a day, a juice fast will keep your kidneys healthy and working properly. 

According to Dr. Cabot (a medical doctor) if we don’t take care of the excess toxins that we pick up everyday we can experience skin rashes, headaches, liver disease, chronic fatigue, weight gain, and serious illness such as multiple sclerosis and cancer. Note that scientific studies have not supported Dr. Cabot’s beliefs about excessive toxin buildup and diseases.

A picture of the liver with a green plant growing into itToxin eliminator, the liver

A patient's result 

A patient of Dr. Cabot’s visited her about her excess weight, a rash on her face and elevated liver enzymes. She had acne and got tetracycline prescribed for it. It damaged her liver and turned her face purple. She was then put on cortisone and antihistamines that caused heart palpitations.

Once she reached Dr. Cabot she had stopped taking her medications. She was put on a course of juices for her liver and immune system. Within three months, all her problems had disappeared, and she had also lost much of her excess weight. I know that if tetracycline is damaging your liver and you stop taking it, your liver enzymes indicating liver health will return to a normal state with time regardless of juice consumption or not. If her acne went away from the juicing protocol, that would be a different story.

Dr. Cabot also explains that the best available evidence currently states that juice will help break down and dispose of old and dying cells, rejuvenate active cells and speed up the process of building young and vital cells.

A cartoon full of freshly squeezed juicesJuice Fasting

Another success story 

A flying instructor was taking anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain in his back. After a few weeks, he found himself depressed and unable to remember things needed to safely fly and instruct students. He was going to take antidepressants but instead Dr. Cabot had him try her liver-cleansing diet and raw juices. Within two weeks his memory returned and so do his mental abilities.

Principles to follow

1)   Choose organic produce that is fresh, unblemished , and in season as you can get it.

2)   Wash all produce well, removing any bruised, blemished, or moldy parts. Cut or slice the produce into pieces to fit into the input of your juice extractor.

3)   The white inner skin (pith) of citrus fruits is full of beneficial bioflavonoids, so try to always include some of this when juicing these fruits.

4)   Most bottled juices are nearly worthless in terms of fasting, having been pasteurized for shelf longevity, a process that destroys enzymes and many vitamins.

5)   Before juicing fruits containing large pits, such as peaches, pit them, to keep from tearing up your juicer.

6)   Include in your juices the stems and leaves of vegetables (except carrot tops, which can cause kidney stones), because they have a high vitamin and mineral content.

7)   Do not wash green vegetables in hot water for a long time, or leave them to soak in cold water, as this draws out many beneficial minerals.

8)   It’s best to drink juice within one hour of making it; otherwise, if left out on a counter it can be oxidized by exposure to air and may develop a sour taste.

9)   If you must make juice ahead of time, store it in a jar with a tight lid or in the refrigerator in a closed container.

10) When making virtually any juices, you can add a bit of lemon juice to preserve the natural color and help reduce the oxidation of essential nutrients. 

11) If you have irritable bowel syndrome or an otherwise sensitive stomach, make sure that you dilute your juices with water (rule of thumb: 3 parts of juice to 1 part water). People with this condition often tolerate celery juice when mixed with fruit juices. 

12) If losing weight, is your primary concern, use mainly vegetables juices, since they contain fewer calories than do fruit juices. 

13) Some fruits (cantaloupe, for instance) are highly pulpy and contain little juice; some berries (such as blackberries and blueberries) contain relatively little juice and may be unsuitable for juicing. 

14) Dried fruits such as raisins or apricots obviously contain no juice, though you can soak them in water for half a day and then drink the water to enjoy their flavors and nutrients. 

15) Always wash your produce under the tap, because even organic fruits and vegetables carry bacteria and parasites. The tap water will carry the bacteria and parasites down the drain. 

16) If you are pressed for time, make several pints of juice at a time, then freeze them in daily serving-size containers. The juice must be frozen immediately after making it and must be drunk immediately after thawing. 

two glasses, one full of carrot juice the other with celery juice. Two vegetable juicesVegetable Juice for losing weight

Certain people should never juice fast, or water fast or do any other kind of fast. The people that shouldn't fast are people with these conditions: 

1) Diabetes
2) Low blood sugar
3) Heart failure
4) Liver failure
5) Kidney failure
6) Eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa
7) Epilepsy
8) Low blood pressure
9) Moderate to serious asthma
10) Gout
11) Malnutrition
12) Tuberculosis 

Make sure to consult with your health-care professional before you commit a fast. 

A pre-fast diet is needed 

Five to seven days before you begin your fast make sure to remove all animal products from your diet. This includes meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy. In addition, cut out all greasy and deep-fried foods.

Begin to significantly reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, chocolate, candies, sugar, coffee and coals. The third day before your fast starts, your diet should basically be fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and beans.

Stimulants should be history by now. Then, the day before you start fasting, eat nothing but uncooked fruits and vegetables, preferably organic.


Fruit juices not only taste really good but are a healthy way of detoxifying your body. To detox, a fast is needed in which you consume primarily freshly squeezed juices, mostly of organic vegetable origin. The body accumulates toxins everyday from what it’s exposed to.

The liver is the primary toxin removing organ. The intestine along with the kidney also plays a role with the removal of toxins from the body. The idea behind a fast is about allowing the clearing organs time to rest. Once you lighten the load on the body's organs you prevent it from being backed up. When the removal organs are backed up, toxins are reabsorbed instead of eliminated, leading to diseases and infirmity. 

There were a couple of instances of patients being put onto medication for their conditions. The patients’ lives didn’t improve upon medication. The utilization of a juice fast resolved their situations but there is no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of a juice fast. There are several principles to follow when juice fasting and there are certain conditions under which nobody should juice fast. A lead in period before the fast begins is needed to improve the diet.

In my opinion, I don’t know about juice fasting. I’m not an alternative medical professional but sound reasoning makes me think that there are definitely benefits from unpasteurized juices used during a fast. I don’t think it would hurt to give your bowel and toxin removal organs a rest. I wouldn’t mind fasting myself if I could actually do it.

I don’t think it is that simple to simply state, “I’m going to go on a juice fast, consuming nothing except juice for a few days.” A lot of the time I tell myself I’m going to do that, I feel a higher external power doesn’t approve of it, and instead, I eat food instead of fast.

I feel this way about many diets. For example, sometimes I go on the HCG diet and it works fine, other times I inject the HCG and nothing happens, the diet doesn’t work at all and I can’t use the diet at that time. I simply think in those instances that it is an external power that doesn’t want me to diet at that particular time for whatever reason. I wish a diet were simply as easy as stating, “I’m going to start a new diet tomorrow,” and that’s the end of it. But it’s never that easy to begin a new diet. See here to learn some juicing recipes. 

Get Dr. Sandra Cabot's  "Juice Fasting Bible" for all the details about how to juice fast properly. Book is available from Amazon at a discounted price. 

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