The Ketogenic Diet Effectiveness Reviewed 

The ketogenic diet has been a miracle to some parents with epileptic children. 

During one incident, a child had his first seizure, a couple days later it recurred. After 9 months and thousands of seizures help had been sought. 

The treatment withstood included many drugs, dozens of blood draws, eight hospitalizations, many EEGs, MRIs, CAT scans , PET scans, a non-effective brain surgery, five pediatric neurologist visits in three different cities, two homeopathists, one faith healer and dozens of prayers. Nothing was working for this child. 

What did work was the ketogenic diet that Dr. John Freeman and Mrs Kelly had success with at John Hopkins Hospital. At the time treatment with the diet was provided with children that had difficult-to-control epilepsy. 

After this child had been on the diet for a total of 9 months, he became seizure free and seizure free without the use of the many different medications used to treat seizures. 

Other miraculous results have come from children that were on the diet for a certain period of time and then went back to a normal diet and never had a seizure again! As if the epilepsy cured itself. There has been more than one case this happened to. 

What's important about this diet is the initiation of it. It should only be used under close medical supervision and only after dialogue between parents and physicians. 

Adverse to some, the ketogenic diet amounts to the use of heavy cream, butter, fats, and very limited amount of protein and vegetables and very little starch or sugar. 

The words The Ketogenic Diet

Fat burning

The mechanism of the diet is its ability to stimulate the metabolism of a fasting body. It has been know that fasting can treat seizures but that isn't a long-term option without starving to death. 

The idea is that when fasting, energy primarily comes from fat instead of glucose. The ketogenic diet also minimizes the amount of liquid intake, keeping the metabolism partly dehydrated over lengthy periods of time. 

2 day's sample meals 

Sample day 1.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with butter, diluted cream and orange juice. 

Sample day 1.
Lunch: Spaghetti squash with butter and parmesan cheese, lettuce leaf with mayonnaise, orange diet soda mixed with whipped cream. 

Sample day 1. Dinner: Hot dog slices with catsup, asparagus with butter, chopped lettuce with mayonnaise and vanilla cream popsicle. 

Sample day 2. 
Breakfast: Bacon, scrambled egg with butter, melon slices and vanilla cream shake

Sample day 2. 
Lunch: Tuna with mayonnaise, celery and cucumber sticks, sugarless Jello-O with whipped cream

Sample day 2. 
Dinner: Broiled chicken breast, chopped lettuce with mayonnaise, cinnamon apple slice with butter topped with vanilla ice cream. 

Scrambled eggs in a white bowl with a little green parsley ontopScrambled eggs, a possible meal choice

What does the ketogenic diet entail?

The diet requires a huge commitment which is why it is used as a last resort. The diet must be calculated with precision, prepared very carefully using a gram scale and kept strictly. 

Again, it is important to follow the diet closely with a physician familiar with its use. A dietitian should also be involved that's trained in the diet's use. 

A scale with a bowl above it to place items to weigh, mostly foodFood/Gram Scale

Who is a good candidate for the ketogenic diet? 

This diet is most effective in treating childhood myoclonic, absence, and atonic seizures. Other patients that can derive aid from the diet are those with generalized tonic-clonic (grand mal), seizures and those with multi-focal seizures of the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. 

Children with brain disorders have also had success such as those with developmental abnormalities, hypoxic brain damage, prior strokes and microcephaly. 

The diet is typically used in children from ages one to eight. Children under 1 year of age are excluded because it is more difficult for them to become ketotic and maintain ketosis. It is important for the children to resist sugar offered to them at school from the cafeteria or friends or a class party. 

The diet has been successful in patients that are profoundly handicapped, not limiting its use to children of only a certain higher level of intelligence. 

Sciences explains how the diet works 

The diet works via the buildup of ketone bodies. These result when the body goes without glucose. When glucose has been depleted the body burns adipose or fat tissue. Once the fat tissue has been metabolized it leaves behind a remnant called a ketone.

Once the ketones build up to a certain level the body becomes ketotic. The state of ketosis is confirmed when the ketone bodies are tested for via a urine test. The large amount of ketone bodies that are constantly in the blood from the diet are what keep the dieter seizure free. Note, in some patients seizure s aren't completely eliminated but are reduced in frequency. 

Wrapped up

For more information and to follow the strict dieting protocols you'll need the ketogenic diet book/cook book. Just click the link. Thank you. 

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