Krill Oil Health Benefits: What They Mean for You

Krill Oil Health Benefits rock! If you want all the great benefits of Omega-3s the astounding value of krill oil is amazing. Krill oil may be just what you need. Science has shown that this type of oil is good for your heart, and there are some other important reasons to use it, too. After reading up on krill oil, I think it can be a good choice for anyone who wants an Omega-3 supplement.

Some fish oil can cause burping and stomach discomfort, and a lot of the benefits it should offer are lost to absorption issues. You can avoid all of that with krill oil, so you get more of what it offers and you don't have to deal with unpleasant side effects. Consider all the benefits carefully, so you can decide if krill oil is right for you.

Krill Oil Can Help Your Heart

Among the biggest of the krill oil health benefits is what it can do for your cardiovascular health. The journal Biotechnology Advances acknowledges the value of krill oil in heart health, and indicates that taking krill oil can affect inflammation in the blood vessels, along with triglyceride levels and the ratio of LDL and HDL cholesterol.

Krill oil is a natural anticoagulant (blood thinner), and can result in lowered blood pressure too. By helping keep arteries clear and flexible, the risk of heart attacks and strokes are reduced, and people at high risk of these problems may see an opportunity to preserve and improve their condition through krill oil health benefits.

Krill oil health benefits rock! In other words, the cholesterol that your doctor checks if you are at risk of heart disease will improve significantly. Your bad cholesterol LDL will decrease and your HDL or good cholesterol will increase significantly, protecting you from heart disease, America's number one killer! This is a simple way to truly protect yourself from heart attacks. It is much better than fish oil in these regards. 

You Don't Need A lot For Krill Oil Health Benefits 

An article in the journal Lipids discussed the amount of krill oil needed for maximum benefit against the amount of fish oil needed for that same level of benefit. You can take lower EPA and DHA doses and still get everything you would get from fish oil. That means a smaller capsule that's easier to swallow, along with fatty acids that bind to phospholipids. Fish oils bind to triglycerides, which doesn't allow for as much of an ability to absorb what you're ingesting. The better the absorption rate, the easier it is for you to take less and get more, helping you improve your health with a lower amount of effort and a lower cost, as well. In addition, it is important to remember that krill oil works on improving cholesterol values and reducing inflammation. Fish oil is prescribed primarily to reduce high triglycerides, another problem. 

You Can Reduce Inflammation with Krill Oil

Inflammation in the body can be reduced through the use of antioxidants, and that includes inflammatory conditions outside of just what is seen in the cardiovascular system. Krill oil is full of antioxidants, which can help to protect your organs, cells, and body tissues from the free radicals that cause damage. The more protection you get from these free radicals the better off you will be when it comes to keeping your body free of disease. It's not a guarantee that you won't get sick, but it can definitely help prevent or reduce some problems. Arthritis and related conditions can also be improved by the use of krill oil.

It Doesn't Have Toxins in it

An article in Nutrition Reviews addresses the value of krill oil based on how healthy it actually is. One of the reasons it's very healthy is that it doesn't have any toxins in it. Fish oil can contain traces of toxins because fish often have mercury and other toxic metals or chemicals in them. By using krill instead of fish, the toxins are all avoided.

Krill eats phytoplankton to survive, so they aren't feeding on fish. That means they aren't getting any mercury or other problematic chemicals into their system. When the krill are harvested and processed for krill oil, they are pure and clean. The krill used for human consumption come from the Antarctic, which is the cleanest ocean on the planet. That, coupled with the fact that they don't ingest fish, makes krill a pure, clean source for Omega-3 and all of its benefits.

Krill Oil Can Be Used as an Antidepressant

If you care about the planet like I do, you'll love that krill oil is sustainable. There are nearly 500 million tons of krill in the ocean, and fewer than one percent of that is harvested to make krill oil each year. That's something to be happy about. Another thing to be happy about is that krill oil may have some antidepressant properties. The Alternative Medicine Review journal indicates that one of the krill oil health benefits may be a better, happier, and more stable mood. In fact, EPA and DHA can be just as effective as a prescription antidepressant for some people. If I was depressed, I would think about taking krill oil, based on the sustainability, other benefits, and lack of side effects. Alleviating depression while helping to protect your heart and other organs is pretty impressive, and a good reason to give krill oil a try. 

To get top quality krill oil, make sure to read this first. I have been on krill oil for quite a while now and this is a trusted resource. My doctor has even testified to me that krill oil is legit and my cholesterol is no longer an issue because of it. Get Krill Oil Now. 

Health Benefits of Krill Oil
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