5 Liquid Vitamin Supplements to Treat ADHD In Adults

Liquid vitamin supplements can help with ADHD. When attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, continues through adulthood, the symptoms can interfere with your personal and professional endeavors.

The inability to effectively focus on the task at hand, organize your thoughts, and multitask to meet your deadlines, for example, can leave you frustrated time and time again.

Thankfully, you may be able to take back control of your life by utilizing liquid vitamin supplements to treat your adult ADHD symptoms. Here are five liquid vitamin supplements to consider.

Small wooden cubes that with letters on t hem that spell out ADHDADHD

Fish Oil

The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil help decrease debilitating symptoms of ADHD by improving the function of your brain. This supplement tends to even out intense emotional responses, including angry outbursts, and may improve your ability to focus in crowded environments.

You must take this supplement for the long-term, as improvements only start to kick in at the three-month mark. You should choose a liquid fish oil supplement made from the body oil, instead of the liver, of the fish to net the most benefits.


When your iron levels fall short of their target range, your ADHD symptoms may flare up and overwhelm your system. At adequate levels, iron helps control the amount and function of dopamine and other neurotransmitters in your brain.

When these neurotransmitters drop below their normative levels, you may constantly fight against restlessness and struggle to concentrate, especially in busy environments. You can take iron in liquid supplement form to quickly regulate your brain chemicals and stop the symptoms in their tracks.

The atomic structure of iron with neurons and protons in the center and electrons in orbit around themIron from the periodic table of elements


Zinc also has a positive impact on the production of dopamine and its ability to function appropriately in your brain. If your zinc levels fall out of range, you may experience difficulties regulating your emotions and preventing mood swings.

You may also notice a marked increase in feeling restless, hyperactive, or impulsive without the right amount of zinc in your system.  For fast results, look for liquid zinc in its ionic form to improve your body’s ability to absorb and utilize this important mineral.

Zinc from the periodic table of elements, except it is see through with green lines making up its compositionZinc from the periodic table of elements


Your body actively utilizes magnesium to create neurotransmitters and restore the myelin sheath in your brain. Without an adequate amount of magnesium, your nervous system would lose its ability to properly function.

Your ADHD symptoms may increase in both severity and duration as a result. When you take magnesium to control your symptoms, make sure to add it to your nighttime routine, as it can help improve your ability to enjoy a full night’s rest.

Just hands holding up each letter of the word Magnesium on a partly cloudy dayMagnesium is important to your nervous system

Vitamin C

When vitamin C supplements are taken with fatty acids, ADHD symptoms are decreased across the board. The combination may improve your ability to focus and relax, even in stressful situations. You may also notice significant improvement in your emotional regulation abilities. Since vitamin C helps your body absorb and utilize iron, it is important to take these supplements together each day.

If you take prescription medication for ADHD, make sure to take your liquid vitamin C supplements separately to prevent this vitamin from decreasing the effectiveness of your medication.

The world vitamin C written with a green leaf atop of the sign with itWhen vitamin C supplements are taken with fatty acids, ADHD symptoms are decreased across the board

Making the Most of Liquid Vitamin Supplements

Liquid vitamin supplements are designed for sublingual delivery of the active ingredients. As a result, your body rapidly absorbs the vitamins and instantly begins to use them to control your ADHD symptoms. As a result, you should be able to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of each supplement formula to determine if it meets your expectations.

Since each of the liquid vitamin supplements offers a different effect, you will likely need to take the formulas together each day to keep your symptoms at bay. 

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