6 Liver Supplements For Improved Function And Health

Liver supplements can be handy. By helping your liver resist and reverse damage, the right combination of supplements can reduce symptoms, prevent disease progression and restore your overall sense of wellness.

Liver supplements range from natural substances normally produced by your body to vitamins and minerals obtained through your diet. When you start taking the supplements, you will normally start to notice the positive effects in a short period of time. Here are six highly effective supplements you can use together to improve your health.


Glutathione is an antioxidant that your body uses for bile production, detoxification and tissue regeneration. Although your liver naturally produces this substance, medical conditions and other stresses on your body can deplete the natural levels. When this happens, your liver will struggle to function normally, causing damage to escalate and additional illnesses to develop. You can supplement glutathione to treat damage to your liver and prevent ongoing problems.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Another powerful antioxidant your body normally creates on its own is alpha lipoic acid. This substance promotes rapid cell regeneration, which supports the liver in its self-healing abilities. If your liver suffered damage from poisonous substances, such as mushrooms, you can help your liver repair itself by regularly taking alpha lipoic acid supplements. Once your liver function returns to healthy levels, you may notice an increase in energy and wellness.


Maintaining carefully balanced selenium levels can protect your liver from the onset or progression of harmful health conditions, including liver cancer and hepatitis. The protection comes from the ability to eliminate free radicals, which would otherwise damage the liver at the cellular level. Although you can obtain a large portion of the required selenium from eating fish and nuts, supplements provide a metered dosage to keep your daily levels up to the recommended amount.

The element selenium in a shiny silver as from the periodic table of elementsFree radical eliminator

Milk Thistle

Since the liver acts as a filter for potentially damaging substances running through the body, the cells often suffer immense damage from medications, alcohol and toxins in the environment. For ongoing protection of these cells, even in the face of danger, milk thistle provides both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection. By taking milk thistle with your other liver supplements, you will protect your liver and prevent or reduce symptoms resulting from the damage.

A bud of milk thistle that is purple with spiny green leafs underneath the bud.Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection provider

Vitamin B-12

Diseases affecting the liver can dramatically reduce the amount of vitamin B-12 stored there and circulating your body, potentially resulting in a deficiency. Without enough B-12, you may develop noticeable signs of anemia, including fatigue, diarrhea and concentration issues. Since B-12 promotes a healthy production rate for red blood cells, which deliver oxygen throughout your body, adding it to your liver supplements promotes healing.

Vitamin b12 label and underneath the label is cyanocobalamin the scientific name for vitamin b12Diseased liver can cause B-12 levels to drop


Consumption of turmeric provides your body with curcumin, which is an anti-inflammatory that works to prevent and reverse damage of liver tissues. Supplementing turmeric can even reduce bothersome liver condition symptoms, such as itching, diarrhea and jaundice. Although you can consume turmeric as a part of your diet, you would need to eat curry dishes daily to net the benefits provided by regular supplementation.

Tumeric stick (Chopped) next to a pile of ground tumeric powder.Tumeric is a great anti-inflammatory


Known as Liv or otherwise goes by Liv.52 and is what most bodybuilders take for liver support. It is well known for its functional ability to protect your liver. The ingredients include Caper bush, a well-documented hepatic stimulant and protector. Improves the functional efficiency of the liver. Chicory a powerful hepatic stimulant, increases bile secretion, acts on liver glycogen and promotes digestion. Black nightshade, promotes liver and kidney healthy and has shown hepatoprotective activity in cases of toxicity induced by drugs and chemicals. Arjuna, a tonic for heart and liver. Regulates hepatic cholesterol biosynthesis. Cassia occidentalis, a digestive and hepatic tonic. Yarrow, stimulative tonic for the liver. Tamarisk, a hepatic stimulant; also provides digestive support. Liv has been around for some time and has quite the reputation for its effectiveness. It contains all those ingredients in one pill. 

Obtaining Liver Supplements

Since all of the above supplements tend to work synergistically, you may want to take all six together to see how they work. If you choose to just try one at a time, you may not net all of the possible benefits until you add the others. Keep a log of your health symptoms, skin condition and weight loss progress to determine the effectiveness of the supplements you selected. If you are not reaching your goals or netting the desired benefits, considering adding or replacing supplements to create your perfect mix of nutrients.

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