Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out!  

Stuff that makes us overweight and unhealthy 

Being overweight and obese is not always the overweight or obese person’s fault. There are a lot of things to consider that affect weight such as genetics, hormonal imbalances, or the poor-quality Standard American Diet. Everywhere you go someone is selling food that is extremely tasty and not so healthy. It is so convenient not to cook and to just pick up ready made sandwiches and what not. To fix this problem we need to naturally speed up the body’s fat burning ability while eating the proper foods that fill us instead of making us crave more junk.

Fries, HotDogs, Hamburger and Pizza all bunched together to look like someone's heart attacking is waiting to happenJunk Food Encourages Eating More Junk Food Due to The Release of Insulin

Reasons why popular diets fall through

Popular diets lack nutritional support, which doesn’t allow your body to naturally regulate itself to lose weight. The diets often work in the short-term but a year or 6 months down the road the weight has put itself back on again. Some of these diets even cause health problems such as bloating, constipation, fatigue, or skin problems.

For example, with High-Protein/Low-Carb diets in “Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working out!” the author states that these high-protein/low-carb diets are not helpful because you are eliminating an entire food group that contains nutrients the body needs to function effectively. The author JJ Smith believes that once your body burns a certain amount of fat in the absence of carbohydrates it then burns off water and muscle tissue. Eventually, connective tissue and then organ tissue may be burnt.

Low-fat diets that became extremely popular fail for a specific reason. Many high-fat items were replaced with lower fat items but sugar was added to the low-fat item giving you more total calories than the high-fat item. Avoiding sugar is also one of the most important things to do while dieting. Don’t forget that.

A fat free and low fat stamp sign. The two stamps of fat free and low fat look real but it is just an electronic image of the two stampsWatch Out For The Low Fat, High Sugar Items. Don't Be Fooled By This

To exercise or not 

Exercise is really good for the heart and has many other benefits besides reducing heart disease; however, when you exercise for weight loss you need to be careful. There is something called compensation that has been studied. Compensation occurs when you exercise at the gym and then come home to eat something bad that cancels out all of the calories you burned. This happens more often then you think. It may be true that when you walk you may not be inclined to compensate. 

One notable example was published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association. Many overweight women we divided into a group that worked out 70 minutes each week, another group for 135 minutes and another for 190 minutes each week. At the end of the study it was found that there was no significant difference in weight loss between those who had exercised. The reason was identified as compensation.

The groups that exercised more simply ate more to compensate. One benefit that was found was quality of life. Those that exercised more reported a higher quality of life. What this study tells me is the importance of eating right, even if you exercise for more minutes per week, if you don’t watch what and how much you eat you may not benefit.

A woman with a white tee on in the sand at the beach doing push upsBattle compensation with self-discipline

The sugar addiction epidemic 

Many people are addicted to sugar and its effects without even knowing it. Think of sugar as something that is toxic. It makes you gain a lot of weight by its mechanism in the body and by making you crave more sugary foods. A nutritionist at MIT by the name of Dr. Judith J. Wurtman found that junk food such as cakes, candy and cookies leads to a release of serotonin and endorphins in the brain, creating a much brighter and happier state. People gain even more weight from sugar because they find themselves consuming more sugar to return to the brighter, happier state. 

Sugar is also toxic because research has shown that high-sugar diets cause cancer cells to multiply rapidly. Particularly bad, is fructose since it plays a key role in the proliferation of cancer cells. High-fructose diets lead to cancer spreading and a shorter life. 

To prove the addictive effects of sugar rats were given sugar water or cocaine to stimulate them. After the introduction of sugar water the rats switched from abusing cocaine to their preferred source of addiction, now sugar. Cocaine is known to be one of the most addictive substances that exists yet the rats preferred sugar water in place of the cocaine. Just like cocaine, the sugar activates dopamine reward receptors within the brain. 

If you need sugar in something it is highly suggested that you use stevia instead. It is practically calorie-free and does not affect blood glucose, which makes it a great natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is from a plant native to South American and Central America.

If you are really craving something sweet, try fruit instead. When you face your sugar cravings, and you don’t give into them you are beginning a detoxification process that is rebalancing your body.  Prevail over your sugar cravings and within three to four days they won’t be as strong. Sugar makes people tired, fat, irritable, moody and causes many health problems-stay away from it!

To learn more beneficial ways to lose weight starting today, see JJ Smith’s “Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercise: Discover Secrets To a Slimmer, Sexier, and Healthier You” Covered in the book is information about toxins and how they are hindering your success along with five keys to permanent weight loss and there is much more including twelve ways to boost your metabolism. Don't miss  it!

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