A Low Carb Diet Food List for a Diet You Can Stick to

The low carb diet food list is here. Let’s face it, carbs are delicious, and when you’re hungry, diets and resolutions are out the window. All the latest research shows that when we deprive ourselves of the foods we love, our bodies can enter into a famine response. This can result in relapse behavior which frequently comes in the form of comfort food binges. The resulting guilt, on top of the stress of possibly unreasonable expectations, is a binge response, or, just as common, giving up on the diet altogether. People are often surprised to learn that there are plenty of information resources with a low carb diet food list to build a menu from; the trick is to just find one and use it.

We’ve been conditioned for so long to believe that healthy food can never taste good that we seldom look for healthy ways to eat foods that satisfy our cravings for flavor. The trick to losing weight and having a healthy diet is finding recipes that do just that, satisfy our cravings for flavor, in a nutritious way. That’s why we’ve put together this low carb diet food list that will knock your socks off.

The Top 9 Low Carb Diet Food List

1. Eggs

Eggs have a bad reputation. But the fact is that if you cook them correctly and don’t burn or fry them, they are among the healthiest foods around. The trick is not to overcook your eggs. Make sure they are still moist. Your eggs should jiggle, like Jello.

2. Beef

It’s very filling, satisfying and has lots of good nutrients in it like B-12 and iron. It’s very versatile and can be great in everything from chili to burgers, to beautiful juicy steaks. People are usually shocked to find beef on a low carb diet food list- but like most things, it’s how you cook it that makes it healthy.

Two slices of beef on a wooden cutting board along with cloves of garlic nearbyNo carbs and can come extremely lean

3. Lamb

Like beef, lamb contains many beneficial nutrients, such as iron and B-12. Lamb is usually grass-fed. It is often high in good, beneficial fatty acids, and there are loads of fantastic lamb recipes that just about anyone can follow.

Three steaks of lamb layered against one another with a green herb spicing them.Contains many beneficial nutrients such as iron and B-12

4. Chicken

No low carb diet food list would be complete without chicken. It’s hard to go wrong with chicken. Just like everything else, the key is to cook it gently so that the moisture remains- and don’t carbonize it. It’s great in everything from salads to sandwiches to BBQ. Just don’t fry it, okay?

Chicken being cooked over coals, BBQ style.No friend chicken, skip the BBQ sauce and you've got a low carb meal

5. Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood are extremely lean and have very high nutrient contents. They are especially high in B-12, omega-3 fatty acids, and iodine. These are nutrients which few people get the right amounts of.

Like meat, almost all fish and other seafood have next to zero carbohydrate content.

Crab legs full of crab meatCan't go wrong with crab

6. Salmon

Probably the most popular variety of fish among fish lovers and health-conscious people alike- and for good reason. It is probably the most flavorful, easiest to cook with, and most readily available variety of fish. It’s loaded with vitamin B-12 and iodine- and it contains a fair dose of vitamin D-3. Salmon is a type of fatty fish. This means that it has high amounts of those valuable heart-healthy fats, such as those omega-3 fatty acids that we’re so fond of.

A piece of rolled salmon slice with a piece of parsley on topGreat source of heart healthy omega-3s

7. Trout

You don’t hear about trout as much as salmon, but it deserves some credit. Like salmon, it is chock full of those beautiful omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients.

Trout fillets on a white plate garnished with parsleyTasty Trout

8. Sardines

Sardines, like spinach, made it to the low carb diet food list and have a bad reputation because we package them in an ugly way. But these oily little fish are a great healthy snack, usually eaten whole, bones and all. They are some of the most nutritious foods in existence and contain nearly every essential nutrient that your body needs.

Sardines packaged in a tin alongside some onion, lettuce, bread and tomatoSardines are great for you

9. Shellfish

It’s unfair that shellfish rarely makes it into the average person’s daily diet. Shellfish are among the planet’s most nutritious and versatile foods. They rank very close to organ meats in terms of nutrient density.

An abalone shell on the rocks at the beach shining in the sunlightAbalone

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